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Infidelity American Style (2021)

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À propos de Infidelity American Style

Harold and Marge Wainwright are giving a company party, to which he has invited his brightest young men. The guests are tensely competing for a new vice-presidency, and in this basis conflict they reveal not only their secret thoughts and lusts, but show how much some men-and their wives-will sacrifice at the alter of success. In a bold new departure in exploitation films, S. N. Johnsen presents this incredibly frank and daring expose of the scandalous ways of life and love at the top of American business. “INFIDELITY AMERICAN-STYLE” deals with the new morality-which is as old as sin. Adulterous lovers, cheating wives, and all the strange perversions that money and power can buy. Dramatically explicitly, this film probes into the dark recesses of men’s dreams, fears, and twisted fantasies.

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