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How Can Cord Cutters Watch Multiple March Madness Games at Once?

During March Madness, sometimes there’s so much action that you want to watch more than a single game at once. Luckily, there are now a few ways that College Basketball fans can stream multiple games at the same time without the need of hooking up more than one TV.

1. PlayStation Vue

This past week, PlayStation Vue announced that they added Multi-View support to Apple TV devices, which up until now was only available on PS4. Just in time for March Madness, the feature allows you to mix four live channels and view them all in a grid in split-screen.

To activate it, just press and hold on a channel and select “Add to Multi-View.” Once you add your first game, you can then select and add additional channels to your four-screen grid.

PlayStation Vue

2. NCAA March Madness Live App

If you are a PlayStation Vue, Hulu Live TV, or YouTube TV subscriber, you can use your credentials to authenticate the March Madness Live App. If not, you get a 3-hour free pass without needing to authenticate with cable or streaming credentials.

On Apple TV, you can stream up to three games at once, but they are limited to those airing on TBS, TNT, or truTV. If you would rather someone switch between games for you, they also have their Fast Break channel which will whip-around games as the action happens.

March Madness Live

3. Open Multiple Browser Windows

If you stream on your computer, you can generally watch more than one stream at once. For instance, on fuboTV, you can open a different window with different games and watch them together. This also works on Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, and PlayStation Vue.

While theoretically you should only be able to watch 2-3 simultaneous streams depending on your service, some users have reported that on the same computer — it is not obeying the stream limit.

If you want to get fancy, you can AirPlay, Cast, or plug an HDMI and connect your laptop to your screen.

Want to Watch March Madness without Cable?

Top Pick

With fuboTV you’ll be able to watch every game in the tournament. You can try it for free with a 7-Day Free Trial.

Not only will you be able to watch games live on CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV, you can record it to your Cloud DVR or watch them on-demand.


Price: $45
Includes: CBS, TBS, TNT, & TruTV

Budget Pick

With CBS All Access you’ll be able to watch 24 games on CBS. You can try it for free with a 7-Day Free Trial.

If you want a budget friendly way to add TBS, TNT, & TruTV, you can add Sling TV which is offers them for just $15 after a 7-Day Free Trial.

CBS All Access

Price: $5.99
Includes: CBS