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Roku Remote Not Working? How to Troubleshoot Your Roku Remote

Chris Hutton

As you ready to stream the latest release from Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, you’re going to need the latest dongle or streaming device to connect. But sometimes the Roku device isn’t responsive. That means that the problem is either your remote, your streaming device or your connection.

What can you do to troubleshoot the problem? The first solution to check is determining whether the problem lies in your remote or your device. If you use the Roku App (available for iOS or Android) and are able to connect, then the problem likely exists within the remote itself.

Change the Batteries

While this seems like the easiest fix, it’s important to check since can also be easily overlooked. You can check the batteries by either swapping them out or using a voltmeter (if you even have one) to check for a charge.

Use the Right Device

Roku remotes come in two formats. There’s the Roku Enhanced remote, which can access your device from anywhere in the room. Then there’s the standard remote, which requires line-of-sight to work. Make sure that you’re using it properly. If your Roku device was moved, then it’s possible the remote isn’t able to access it properly.

Test the Pairing

A remote must be properly linked to a Roku device in order for it to work. Sometimes it will disconnect due to technical errors in the hardware or if the software goes through a factory reset. If this happens, try the following:

1. Remove the back of your remote. You will find a circular button there.
2. Bring the remote as closely as you can to your Roku device.
3. Hold the button down for three seconds. Doing so should bring up a pairing screen.

Still Not Working?

If this doesn’t work, then it might be worth resetting some aspect of the pairing. This might include checking the Wi-Fi network used by your Roku device, restarting the Roku device or even just removing the batteries temporarily. This should do the trick. If it doesn’t fix the situation, then it might be worth checking if there are more severe physical issues regarding your remote.

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