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Joel McHale to Host New ‘Tiger King’ After Show Episode Launching April 12

Stephanie Sengwe

Since premiering on Netflix on March 20, “Tiger King” has generated an enormous amount of buzz due to its twist and turns. Now it seems Netflix will be giving people what they want as they announced a new after show episode will be available on the platform on April 12.

The episode, hosted by Joel McHale, will show interviews from some of the shows most popular characters. Jeff Lowe — who took over the zoo from Joe Exotic — along with his wife Lauren will be featured. Exotic’s former campaign manager Joshua Dial, Exotic’s ex-husband John Finlay, documentary producer Rick Kirkman and former staff members Saff, Erik Cowie and John Reinke will also be making appearances.

Notably missing from the list is Exotic himself, who is currently in prison, as well as his sworn nemesis Carole Baskin, who has spoken out against her portrayal on the show.

Earlier this week, a Nielsen study exclusive to Variety, revealed that the docus-series garnered a U.S. TV audience of 34.3 million unique viewers within the first 10 days of its release (March 20-29), besting the season two premiere of “Stranger Things,” which garnered 31.2 million unique viewers in its first 10 days.

“On an average per-minute basis, ‘Tiger King’ pulled in an audience of 19.0 million among U.S. viewers from March 20-29, Nielsen reported. That also was higher than ‘Stranger Things 2’ (17.5 million) and nearly matched ‘Stranger Things 3’ (20.5 million),” Variety stated.

Although the show is currently the talk of the town, that wasn’t the case when it premiered on March 20. On the first day, the series only garnered an average-minute audience of 280,000 U.S. viewers and reached 741,000 unique viewers, Nielsen reports. This put it behind other heavy-hitters such as “Mindhunter” season two and “Altered Carbon” season one, which had an average-minute audience of 395,000 and 335,000 respectively.

However, hype surrounding the show climbed quickly and “daily average-minute audiences jumping to over 1 million by day three; two million by day seven; and four million by day nine. From March 20-29, it was the No. 1 most-tweeted TV show tracked by Nielsen over that time period, with 1.8 million total organic (nonpaid) interactions on Twitter about ‘Tiger King,’” Variety reported.

‘Tiger King’ Trailer

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