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New Study Says About a Third of Netflix Subscribers Are Interested in Disney Plus

Stephanie Sengwe

Though there are a lot of players in the streaming wars, it seems Netflix and Disney+ are currently leading the pack. Though its only been three weeks since its launch, Disney+ has emerged as a formidable competitor to the streaming giant Netflix. According to a study conducted by Piper Jaffray, roughly a third of Netflix users would be open to getting Disney+ or have already added on the new service. Though Disney+ has gained favor in the market, Netflix subscribers still remain loyal to the brand.

Michael Olson, senior analyst at Piper Jaffray, told CNBC, “We surveyed thousands of Netflix subscribers over the last year and we’ve been asking about Disney+. They’re both good services so we’re going to see a lot of people subscribing to both of them. That’s what we found in our survey. About a third of Netflix subscribers said that they do want to subscribe or are already subscribed to Disney+ … a very tiny percentage of [respondents] said that they’d be canceling Netflix.”

Piper Jaffray’s findings are consistent to Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos’ sentiments from earlier this year. During this year’s SeriesFest which took place in June, Sarandos told Liberty Global CEO Mark Fries that he thought the new services will be complimentary to Netflix.

“The thing that’s most interesting about these upcoming services and the services that are in the market today is that mostly they have none of the same programming,” he told Fries. “Nothing that’s on Disney+ is going to be on Netflix and nothing that’s on Netflix is going to be on Comcast or the Warner Media Services coming up. They’re all very unique so what people are looking to us for, they’ll look to us and if they’re looking for something different they might add on.”

Complimentary or not, Disney+ has proven to be a force, thus far. When the service launched on Nov. 12, it was downloaded 3.2 million times to mobile devices and garnered 1.3 million hours of viewership in its first 24 hours, according to Apptopia. Despite the hiccups, the streaming service reached 10 million subscribers merely 24-hours post launch.

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