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Rave App Now Allows Amazon Prime Video Users to Virtually Watch Shows With Friends on Smartphones

Stephanie Sengwe

One upside to the stay-at-home mandate has been the launch of various extensions and apps that allow customers to virtually stream content with their loved ones. TechRadar notes that Rave’s smartphone app was “able to sync Netflix watching over mobile with in-app chat functions” last year.

Now Rave has added Amazon Prime Video integration to its app, allowing users to remotely watch their favorite shows together. According to TechRadar, usage of the app has spiked exponentially since the world was forced to lockdown back in March. The demand for the app has been so great that they are reportedly looking into adding on Hulu and Disney+ onto the platform as well.

Although Rave has performed well over the last few months, the app still has some kinks to work through. One major issue is the fact that it’s currently only available on iOS and Android smartphones. TechRadar reports that will soon change as the app is expected to also launch on Mac and PC devices.

Back in March, a new Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party launched, allowing you to have cherished movie nights with your friends. Netflix Party allows for groups of friends to virtually get together and watch their favorite movies or Netflix shows. The extension also comes with a chat room, which allows people to share their reactions as they watch.

In May, Variety reported that HBO partnered with Scener — a Seattle-based startup — to launch the Scener Virtual Movie Theater, which allows for 20 people to virtually stream content from HBO Now or HBO Go together.

In addition, Hulu announced they were testing a new feature called “Hulu Watch Party,” which will enable viewers to virtually watch Hulu with others. The feature is only available to those with Hulu (No Ads) streaming on Hulu Watch Party is available for thousands of movies and shows in Hulu’s on-demand streaming library, but it doesn’t support Hulu + Live TV.