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Study Reveals Netflix Offers the Best Value for Money While Disney Plus Is Best for Kids in the UK

Stephanie Sengwe

It looks like Netflix remains unbeatable in the UK when it comes to giving its consumers the best bang for their buck. When savings site VoucherCodes analyzed the availability of 270 of the top-rated movie titles across six of the most popular streaming services, Netflix came out on top, with 67 of those titles available for their customers to stream, Yahoo Finance UK reports. Apple TV+ housed 25 of the 270 titles, while Amazon Prime Video had 26.

The study showed that on the basic package, which costs £5.99 per month in the UK, Netflix’s cost per title was £0.09 ($0.11), less than half the price of the next cheapest cost per title, which was Apple TV+ at 20p. The study found that Prime Video was the costliest coming in at 23p per title, though VoucherCodes also noted that “many titles are available to either buy or rent digitally at an extra cost from £1.99 upwards.”

The study also found that when it comes to children’s titles, Disney+ is the most cost effective. VoucherCodes revealed that the streamer offers the greatest value in terms of cost per title for the top 20 kids’ films, at 75p per movie. At £5.99 per month in the UK, Disney+ houses the highest number of recommended kids’ films of the platforms the study analyzed.

“People are spending far more time at home than usual so, naturally, they’re turning to on-demand and streaming services for entertainment,” said Anita Naik, lifestyle editor at VoucherCodes. “Thankfully we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to content, but we wanted to investigate whether certain services offer better value based on the best-rated shows and films they have available.”

Netflix’s quality of service has come out on top time and time again. In May, a study by J.D. Power found that the streaming trailblazer is the service with the least amount of technical problems. With 0.07 technical problems per hour of content streamed on average, Netflix falls behind Amazon Prime Video and Hulu that both had 0.11, Disney+, which had 0.12, and YouTube TV, which had 0.13.

The study also found that when asked which service they would pick if they could only pick one, Netflix was the number one answer among respondents with 54 percent. Amazon Prime Video came in second with 17 percent of respondents saying they would choose it, while Hulu was third with 13 percent and Disney+ came in fourth with 4 percent.

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