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What Streaming Service Has My Favorite Channels?

Chris Hutton

In the United States, there has always been a plethora of television channels to choose from. Most users have typical channels like CBS and NBC, while others have invested in more premium channels such as FX or the Game Show Network.

As users have moved away from cable toward a more internet-based viewing experience, it can mean losing channel access to, say, all nine of ESPN’s cable networks or certain universal services. And with six different Live TV Streaming Services available in the U.S., there are a multitude of options to choose from for streaming your favorite live programs.

So how does a user check to see if their favorite channel or service is streaming online? Here is The Streamable’s Guide to finding your favorite channel on your streaming video services.

The Streamable Matchmaker

One of the easiest ways is to use The Streamable Matchmaker to see if that one channel you hope to watch is available.

Step 1: Add Your Favorite Channels, Shows or Sports Teams

The app lets users search to see whether their favorite show, channel, sports team or local affiliate is broadcasting through their service.

Step 2: Enter Your Zip Code

The app will search for the relevant services based on the local zip code and let you check by service. This is an especially useful tool if a user prefers access to local news or other programs.

Step 3: Get Results

The Matchmaker allows users to search through fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, Philo, AT&T TV NOW and YouTube TV.

Other Options

If viewers use the Matchmaker, they can also double-check to see if there are any ongoing deals or free trials. This will allow them to better determine if the product is exactly what they want, or if they have the specific programming they desire.

The Streamable manages ongoing lists of which channels are available through all of the previously mentioned streaming services that users can look through if they prefer.

You can also check each exclusive service to see if they offer options.

But above all, we encourage you to keep an eye on The Streamable, which will update you when new channels and options are added to the services you love.

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