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Attack No. 1 Movies Online Streaming Guide

The story is about a high school girl, Kozue Ayuhara, who transferred to Fujimi Academy and tried out for the school volleyball team. She develops a friendship with her teammate Midori Hayakawa, and her talents impress coach Hongō more and more each day. Though she showcases extraordinary volleyball skills, she makes enemies with Katsuragi, the star of the current team. Kozue discovers that being at the top would bring stress, incompatibilities and other dilemmas into her life. Her high expectations of becoming the best volleyball player in the school, Japan and eventually the world, set the tone for the drama to follow.

  • Attack No. 1

    March 21, 1970

    Kozue is a high school girl and an enthusiastic volleyball player. Her dream is to play on the Japanese national volleyball team. Over the course of the series she makes it from the school district league up to the Japanese volleyball finals, step by step until the international volleyball championship. But the faster and higher Kozue climbs, the more she is confronted with the dark side of success: too-high expectations, self-conceit, and envy.

  • Attack No. 1 - Tear Rotation Receive

    August 1, 1970

    The four heavenly kings of Hamaki have joined the Fujimi Gakuen Valley Club, which aims to be the best in Japan. However, one of the four heavenly kings, Yuri, hurts her wrist and becomes unable to play volleyball. Yuri, who once became a spy at another school due to discoloration, decides to throw her best in the track and field club with the encouragement of Kozue and others. And finally the national tournament. Fujimi Gakuen, which continues to win daringly, has finally reached the final match with Fukuoka Junior High School, where the master of rotating receive, Kakinouchi, is present!!!

  • Attack No. 1 - World Championship of Tears

    December 19, 1970

    The Japanese team has decided to participate in the World Junior Championships for the first time. Kozue, Midori, Kakinouchi and other all-Japan teams, under coach Inokuma, worked hard on rigorous training and boarded New York, where the world’s strongest players await. The biggest enemy in this tournament is the Soviet Union’s Voltinskaya murder spike. If you don’t break this, you can’t hope for a victory. An all-Japan player who works hard to practice with the cooperation of the American and Korean teams. And finally on the day of the final match with the Soviet Union. The Japanese team challenges the Soviet Union’s hard block with a winning strategy in mind. Where will the glory shine? The time of the decisive battle is approaching.

  • Attack No. 1 - Tearful Immortal Bird

    March 17, 1971

    Kozue, who was in the first year of Fujimi Gakuen High School, and Tsutomu, who succeeded the fruit and vegetable shop of the family business, were close friends who encouraged each other. At that time, Kozue’s chest was struck by the trinity attack of the three Yagisawa sisters. Teradoin High School, where these three sisters are, won the Inter-High for the third consecutive year. There is no glory for Kozue unless this attack is defeated. Then, Kozue’s bloody practice was repeated, and the final match with the temple temple high school that he headed for. However, during that time, Tsutomu received the news that he was in critical condition due to a traffic accident. With sadness in his chest, Kozue challenged a new technique, double attack, as much as he could.

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