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Bibleman Movies Online Streaming Guide

A Christian-theme inspired science fiction saga created and starred by Willie Aames. Miles Peterson, a regular guy with the best the world had to offer, turned to God and the Bible in his most desperate hour and from then on pledged to fight evil with the word of God. Disguised in the full armor of God as Bibleman the Superhero, Miles fights against enemies of darkness using scripture.

  • Bibleman: Big Big Book!

    January 1, 1995

    The Youth Group is putting on a show called “The Bibleman Show”, but doesn’t feel confident that their performance is good enough. Bibleman arrives and encourages the kids by telling them about a time he fought the villain Dr. Decepto, and how he relied on God to get him out of the situation. He encourages the kids to rely on God to make their performance go well, which they do. The audience arrives and the show goes very well, with the Youth Group performing four songs along with a special message spoken by Bibleman.

  • Bibleman: Breaking The Bonds of Disobedience

    January 1, 2001

    The Bibleman Adventure Team discovers their old nemesis Luxor Spawndroth has devised a plan to trick Bibleman and a young actress Lia Martinez into disobeying God

  • Bibleman: Conquering the Wrath of Rage

    February 27, 2001

    Spiritual superhero Bibleman (played by Willie Aames) battles the forces of discord in this installment of the Christian video series for children. Bibleman and his sidekick, Cypher (Brady Williams), lean that evil arch-enemy El Furioso has added a dangerous new weapon to his arsenal — Gold Fury Dust, a substance which works people into a purposeless state of anger. As Bibleman tries to stop El Furioso from spreading the dust, he is stricken with a dose himself, and has to find a way to control his raging emotions for the good of others

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