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Charlie Chan (Roland Winters) Movies Online Streaming Guide

Movies with Roland Winters in the Role of Charlie Chan

  • The Chinese Ring

    December 6, 1947

    Soon after a Chinese princess comes to the US to buy planes for her people, she is murdered by a poison dart fired by an air rifle.

  • Docks of New Orleans

    March 21, 1948

    Detective Charlie Chan springs into action when top officials of a New Orleans chemical company begin dropping like flies.

  • The Shanghai Chest

    July 11, 1948

    Charlie attempts to solve a triple murder in which a dead man’s finger prints show up at all three murder sites.

  • The Golden Eye

    August 29, 1948

    A gold mine in Arizona, that was formerly losing a lot of money, suddenly turns into a veritable money-making machine. However, the owner, instead of being happy about his now profitable business, insists to Charlie that something is fishy and that someone is out to murder him. Charlie and his “crew” travel to the mine, pretending to be tourists staying at a nearby dude ranch so as not to arouse suspicion, and discover that the owner may well be right—it looks like the mine is being used as a cover for criminal activities, and that someone is indeed out to murder him.

  • The Feathered Serpent

    December 19, 1948

    In order to learn the location of a fabled Aztec treasure, a professor kidnaps his colleague, the only man able to read the ancient Aztec script that is supposed to reveal the location of the treasure. Charlie Chan and his #1 and #2 sons journey to the jungles of Mexico to find the victim and bring the kidnapper and his gang to justice.

  • Sky Dragon

    April 27, 1949

    All the passengers on an airplane headed for San Francisco are drugged, and when they wake up, it is discovered that a quarter-million dollars is missing. Charlie Chan—and, of course, his #1 son—must discover the identity of the person who doped the passengers and stole the money.

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