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Gabino Barrera Movies Online Streaming Guide

A series of films starring Antonio Aguilar as Gabino Barrera.

  • Gabino Barrera

    January 1, 1965

    Famed Mexican action and music star Antonio Aguilar brings blazing charisma to the title role of Gabino Barrera, a 19th-century reformer and fighter for the common people. Barrera, a self-styled Robin Hood of the Wild West, becomes a local folk hero whose noble exploits are celebrated in song throughout his town in this rousing adventure. The film, which spawned several sequels, also stars Maria Duval and Jaime Fernandez.

  • El hijo de Gabino Barrera

    December 23, 1965

    Gabino’s son tries to find out why his father was murdered.

  • La captura de Gabino Barrera

    April 15, 1970

    International playboys in NYC get mixed up with a bank robbery and have to evade the police long enough to reach Mexico. long the way, they pick up an orphan boy who says he’s running away from an abusive stepfather. Fourth in a series of four.

  • La venganza de Gabino Barrera

    January 1, 1971

    Alicia, the wife of the vengeful Gabino Barrera, is killed by an escaped convict. Stripped of the one woman he’s ever loved, Gabino vows to make the killer pay and pursues him. As he gets closer to his prey, Gabino turns deadlier.

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