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Love Stories Series Movies Online Streaming Guide

Six directors explore the possibilities within different kinds of love.

  • Maria's Breast

    June 14, 2014

    Masao (Kokone Sasaki) was once famous for having supernatural powers, but she now lives as a prostitute. Her special power is to know when a person will die by touching them. Masao has sex with men about to die. One day, a man named Tachibana (Shima Ohnishi) appears in front of her and expresses his wish to film her. In reality, Tachibana wants to take revenge on her. His wife killed herself after learning from Masao that she would die. Tachibana though becomes attracted to Masao.

  • Tryst

    June 21, 2014

    Photographer Tadashi (Shinsuke Akagi) and design company Yuko (Mariko Junko) who are working part-time are married people who have both built ordinary households. However, as they happen to meet each other, they gradually become more and more attracted to each other.

  • Last Love

    October 4, 2014

    The touching romance between a middle-aged single guy and a woman with bipolar disorder. Iwata abandons his dream of becoming a guitarist, and works as an apartment building janitor. He spends his days living modestly as he deals with his unglamorous work. One day, he meets tenant Yumi when she returns home wasted.

  • Summer when my wife was in love

    October 11, 2014

    Imaoka Shinji, one of Japan’s best-known adult film directors and The Drudgery Train scriptwriter, tells a couple’s secret tale. One day, Koji (Kaneko Noboru)’s wife Kaori (Miyaji Mao) suddenly dies. He learns from the doctor that Kaori was three months pregnant, but Kenji knows it can’t be him. Eventually, he discovers an unknown side of Kaori.

  • Fruit of Love

    November 29, 2014

    Farmer’s wife:35 years old, her skirt flutters in the wind director Kaneda Satoshi and star Kamon Yoko join forces once again. It delicately depicts the anguish of a married woman at the mercy of two men who are direct opposites. In order to repay the debts of her beloved husband, Mariko (Kamon) requests a loan from her former classmate Anzai (Kawai Ryunosuke) who has become a successful entrepreneur. In return, she agrees to live with him for three months. She learns of his loneliness, and her attraction to him grows.

  • The Farmers Bride: I Want to See You

    December 6, 2014

    Mizutani Kei, who starred in the V Cinema production A Weather Woman that also gained popularity overseas, gives a delightfully humorous performance as the battling protagonist who gives up a glamorous nightclub career to take up farming. Thirty-five-year-old bar worker Yukie (Mizutani) marries customer Jotaro (Hamada Manabu), the eldest son of a farming family. She revels in the humble joy of being a farmer’s wife. Then one day, a man named Mishima (Yoshioka Mutsuo) who once deceived Yukie reappears, and seeks a physical relationship with her.

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