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The Durango Kid Movies Online Streaming Guide

One of the most popular western series of the 40’s and 50’s starring Charles Starrett as the hero who wore a mask to hide his identity. The stories always provided plenty of comedy relief and was one of the longest running series of all times.

  • The Durango Kid

    August 15, 1940

    The Durango Kid is a sort of Robin Hood of the West who helps the lovely Walters (who replaced Starrett’s usual love-interest, Iris Meredith), the daughter of a homesteader, defeat the evil MacDonald who has been terrorizing the decent citizens with his gang of rustlers.

  • The Return of the Durango Kid

    April 19, 1945

    A masked outlaw steals from bank robbers to help the poor.

  • Both Barrels Blazing

    May 16, 1945

    The outlaw gangs are robbing the railroads and the Rangers cannot follow them when they move to New Mexico. So Kip decides to take a vacation to New Mexico and, as the Durango Kid, bring Cass and his gang back to justice. But Cass and his gang are killed at the bank in a double cross and Kip must still find the loot. For this, he enlists the help of Tex and Grubstake, although Grubstake does not know it.

  • Rustlers of the Badlands

    August 16, 1945

    The Durango Kid fights to catch the rustlers who killed an Army officer.

  • Blazing the Western Trail

    September 8, 1945

    Stage line owner Brent has his men robbing Halliday stages and when his manager Waring learns of it, Brent has him killed. Jeff Waring arrives and takes his uncle’s job. He soon learns what’s happening and the Durango Kid goes into action. This keeps Halliday going and gives them a chance to get the mail contract by winning the stagecoach race.

  • Outlaws of the Rockies

    September 18, 1945

    Outlaws of the Rockies is the fourth of Columbia’s revitalized “Durango Kid” series. Charles Starrett is back in the saddle as the masked do-gooder Durango, aka easygoing sheriff Steve Williams. Accused of being a member of an outlaw gang, Williams is forced to don his Durango disguise to bring the actual criminals to justice.

  • Lawless Empire

    November 15, 1945

    In the lawless town of Dusty Gulch, the Durango Kid comes to the aid of Reverend Harding in his fight against Blaze Howard and his henchman. When Durango foils all bad guy’s plans, Blaze’s boss Doc Weston realizes Cannonball it tipping off Durango. Weston then lets Cannonball overhear false information that will send Durango into a fatal trap.

  • Texas Panhandle

    December 20, 1945

    Steve Holden, a secret service agent, is suspended when his boss becomes suspicious of his activities as The Durango Kid. Can Steve prove his innocence?

  • Frontier Gunlaw

    January 31, 1946

    Jim Stewart comes to Mesa City and buys a ranch from publisher Matt Edwards, who is confined to a wheelchair. The area is terrorized by an outlaw gang known as The Phantoms. When Jim’s cattle herd is rustled and his ranch foreman Pop Evans killed, he takes an active hand against the gang in his guise as the Durango Kid.

  • Roaring Rangers

    February 14, 1946

    When Sheriff Jeff Connor of Powder River cannot stop the crime wave, his young son, Larry, writes to the Durango Kid for aid. Taggart, the saloon owner, is the secret head of the outlaws, while Connor’s brother Bill is in cahoots with him. Steve Randall, the Durango Kid, and his pal, Smiley Butterbean, arrive in time to stop a stagecoach holdup, and Steve is made a deputy sheriff. Taggart has one of his men, Slade, pose as the Durango Kid and while he is speaking to the townspeople, the rest of the outlaw gang pillages the town, and this somewhat damages the Durango Kid in the eyes of Larry and his sister Doris. Steve suggests that Sheriff Connor visit the government about a railroad project, and Taggart instructs Slade and the gang leader to kill Connor on his trip back.

  • Gunning for Vengeance

    March 21, 1946

    Steve Landry arrives as the new Marshal of a town that is having trouble with outlaws. When an outlaw escapes over the State line out of his jurisdiction, the Durango Kid brings him in. The Durango Kid then continues to break up the outlaw raids. But Belle, the saloon owner who is in cahoots with the outlaws, notices the the boot prints of the Durango Kid match those of the new Marshal and a trap is sent to get Durango.

  • Galloping Thunder

    April 24, 1946

    The cattle herds of some Arizona ranchers are being stampeded and stolen, so the Arizona Stockmen’s Syndicate sends ace investigator Steve Reynolds in to find out who is responsible. Steve poses as a vicious gunslinger named Buck McCloud to work his way into the gang, and then becomes the Durango Kid to disrupt the activities he learns about. Jud Temple is the loyal fiancée of town banker Grat Hanlon who turns out to be the brain-trust behind the gang.

  • Two-Fisted Stranger

    May 30, 1946

    Arriving to become the new Deputy, Steve Gordon takes over as Sheriff instead when he finds the Sheriff has been killed. He doesn’t last long and is fired for incompetence. But he realizes Brady is pulling off a swindle. Having found the proper soil, Brady has salted it with cheap diamonds, gotten Smiley to accidently find them, and is now taking money from eager investors and planning to flee with it.

  • The Desert Horseman

    July 10, 1946

    The Durango Kid sets out to clear his name after being falsely accused of a payroll robbery.

  • Heading West

    August 14, 1946

    Dakota Indian Agent Steve Reynolds receives a copy of the Bonanza City Nuggett from Jim Mallory and reads a story blaming the Durango Kid for recent gold mine raids.

  • Landrush

    November 18, 1946

    The Durango Kid rides again in Columbia’s Landrush. As ever, the masked do-gooder, alias Steve Harmon, is played by Charles Starrett. Bringing up the rear in every sense of the word is Harmon’s comical sidekick Smiley Burnette. In this outing, Harmon dons his Durango garb to rescue a group of homesteaders from scurrilous villains. Musical relief is provided by Ozie Waters and his Colorado Rangers.

  • Terror Trail

    November 21, 1946

    The Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) returns to Ret Butte intending to sell his cattle ranch. Saloon owner, Duke Catlett (Lane Chandler) is the secret owner of a sheep flock which graze on the cattle lands—leaving them useless for cattle. A range war looms between the cattlemen and sheepherders.

  • The Fighting Frontiersman

    December 10, 1946

    Cimarron has found a lost treasure and the outlaw gang knows about it. They have made him a prisoner and are trying to get the location from him. However, he has sent for his friend Steve Reynolds and the Durango Kid will soon be on the job.

  • South of the Chisholm Trail

    January 30, 1947

    When the ranchers of Bearcat are plagued by rustlers, Big Jim Grady offers to buy their herds from them at low-ball prices. Steve Haley suggests to the ranchers that they band together and drive their herds to Abilene, Kansas and get full price. Steve’s friend Smiley “joins” the rustlers to learn who their leader is. Grady henchman Doc Walker asks Steve to help break up the cattle drive, and he agrees in order to keep tabs on the rustlers. The gang makes several attempts to take the trail herd but Steve, in his guise as the Durango Kid, intervenes and saves the cattle.

  • The Lone Hand Texan

    March 6, 1947

    Steve Driscoll arrives to help a friend who is trying to bring in an oil well. He finds that the well has been blown up and the workers have quit. He gets the workers back on the job and orders a new drill bit . When the drill bit is stolen he organizes the townspeople to invest in the well. But when the money is collected, a fake Durango Kid shows up to take it and flee

  • West of Dodge City

    March 26, 1947

    Charles Starrett once again dons the disguise of the “Durango Kid” to restore law and order in this entry in Columbia’s Western series. This time, the Kid, aka Steve Ramsey, witnesses a stage robbery, during which local rancher John Avery is brutally murdered.

  • Law of the Canyon

    April 23, 1947

    Freight wagons are being stolen and ransomed back to their owners. Government agent Steve Langtry (and his alter ego the Durango Kid) is sent break up the Hood Gang that’s behind the robberies.

  • Prairie Raiders

    May 29, 1947

    Government Agent Steve leases land to Masters so he can bring in horses for the Army. Henley has obtained a forged lease for the same land and Steve is unable to prove it’s a fake. While Steve checks with Washington, Henley plans to roundup and ship the horses. Masters also intends to roundup the horses and he has the Durango Kid on his side in the battle with Henley.

  • The Stranger From Ponca City

    July 3, 1947

    A saddle-weary Steve Larkin, also the Duranko Kid, rides into Red Mound, a town filled with cattle rustlers. Cafe owner Smiley, befriends Steve and fills him in on the activities. Steve angers the rustler’s leader, Flip Dugan when he purchases the old Atkins ranch which is supposedly haunted. Flip and his henchmen try to prevent the recording of the deed, but the Durango Kid and Deputy Marshal Tug Carter win the gun battle.

  • Riders of the Lone Star

    August 14, 1947

    An outlaw gang is trying to stop the reopening of a mine as they look for the money left there by the famous outlaw Dusty Morton. After a ten year absence, Morton has apparently reappeared and Steve arrives looking for him. He finds his son who also wonders if his father is still alive. With the gang soon after him, the Durango Kid goes into action and Steve tries to learn who the real Dusty Morgan is.

  • Buckaroo from Powder River

    October 13, 1947

    Steve arrives looking for the person printing counterfeit bonds. He finds his man in Pop Ryland who has two sons and a stepson. The stepson doesn’t want to be an outlaw like the other sons and helps Steve out by posing as the Durango Kid when needed and then leading him to the evidence he is looking for.

  • Last Days of Boot Hill

    November 20, 1947

    Treasury Department Steve Waring, and also, unknown to others, the Durango Kid, comes to Sunset Pass in search of $1000,000 in gold coins, stolen from the government by the late Forrest Brent. He is aided by Smiley Burnette, the local deputy sheriff. Later, Paula Thorpe, Brent’s daughter from his first marriage, arrives with her lawyer sweetheart Frank Raeburn, with intentions of proving her father’s estate belongs to her and not to Mrs. Brent, his wife of record when he died. The widow Brent has no intentions of giving up one single cent.

  • Six-Gun Law

    January 9, 1948

    In this western, an entry in the “Durango Kid” series of westerns, a corrupt, prominent citizen owns a small western town. The trouble begins when a cowboy finds himself convinced by the evil town father that he has killed the sheriff. In exchange for his silence, the official forces the man to become the new sheriff and instructs him to turn a blind eye to the villain’s evil doings.

  • Phantom Valley

    February 19, 1948

    The Durango Kid, along with assistance from sidekick Smiley Burnett, investigates a pair of murders that threaten to fuel a range war.

  • West of Sonora

    March 25, 1948

    Western star Charles Starrett was amazing; he kept making the same film over and over, but always made it seem as if it was for the first time. In West of Sonora, Starrett once again plays a frontier good-guy named Steve (Steve Rollins, to be exact), who, when the need arises, disguises himself as The Durango Kid, masked righter of wrongs. This time, Steve/Durango champions the cause of 10-year-old Penelope Clinton (Anita Castle), who has spent her short life as the focus of a feud between her grandfathers, suspected outlaw Black Murphy (Steve Darrell) and Sheriff Jack Clinton (George Cheseboro).

  • Whirlwind Raiders

    May 12, 1948

    It’s 1873 and the disbanded Texas Rangers have been replaced by the corrupt Texas State Police. Steve Lanning arrives posing as a wanted outlaw to get in with them in his attempt to have them replaced. His inside work helps the Durango Kid break up the State Police raids but he is in trouble when his secret identity as Durango becomes known to them.

  • Blazing Across the Pecos

    July 1, 1948

    This time the Durango Kid confronts an expert gambler.

  • Trail to Laredo

    August 11, 1948

    Filmed at the Providencia Ranch (today’s Forrest Lawn in Burbank, CA), this typical “Durango Kid” Western featured the Cass County Boys performing “Go West Young Lady” by Sammy Cahn and Saul Chaplin, in addition to series regular Smiley Burnette singing his own “It’s My Turn” and “The Yodeler. This time, the Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) is chasing down a gang of outlaws shipping stolen gold in crates marked “ring bolts,” ably assisted by Smiley, a treasury agent working undercover as a house painter. Virginia Maxey supplies female interest and little Tommy Ivo, in one of his six appearances in the Durango Kid series, also gets in the way of the action.

  • El Dorado Pass

    October 13, 1948

    Charles Starrett returns as The Durango Kid in Columbia’s El Dorado Pass. It all begins when Durango, in his everyday guise of Steve Clanton, is falsely accused of robbing a stagecoach. The genuine criminal is not only a thief but a coin collector, searching for a valuable specimen by staging holdups.

  • Quick on the Trigger

    December 2, 1948

    Quick on the Trigger was Charles Starrett’s second “Durango Kid” picture for 1949. It all begins when ousted sheriff Steve Warren (Starrett) is put on trial for the murder of heroine Nora Reed’s (Helen Parrish) brother. Steve is innocent, of course, but he doesn’t stand a chance against prosecuting attorney Garvey Yager (Lyle Talbot) — especially since Yager is the real killer.

  • Challenge of the Range

    April 2, 1949

    Charles Starrett once more dons the mask of mysterious do-gooder “The Durango Kid” in Columbia’s Challenge of the Range. Wandering cowboy Steve Roper (Starrett) is hired by the Farmers Association to stem the activities of a group of gunmen who are driving ranchers off their land. The most likely suspect turns out to be innocent: the real culprits are within the Association itself. With the help of the chief suspect’s son, Roper brings the crooks to justice.

  • Desert Vigilante

    April 8, 1949

    Silver is being smuggled across the border and the secret passage goes through Betty Long’s basement. When Steve arrives he gets tangled up with the rustlers who are now going to have the Durango Kid to contend with.

  • Laramie

    May 19, 1949

    A major Indian uprising is expected and Wyoming military posts are alerted. Colonel Dennison is meeting with Chief Eagle and his son Running Wolf when Chief Eagle is mysteriously shot. Steve Holden, an agent for the government peace commission, with the aid of a wandering shoemaker, Smiley, discover the troubles and the Chief’s murder have been instigated by Cronin, the regimental scout, for personal gain for he and his gang of outlaws.

  • The Blazing Trail

    June 5, 1949

    Old Mike Brady built Brady Town and was a leader, but a bullet from an unknown assailant has ended his life. When the will is read, it leaves the bulk of the property to Kirk, the gambling son of Mike. This upsets Sam, the hard working son, but not gambler Full House who always beats Kirk at cards. But even the Sheriff is suspicious of the will, but he needs proof and the Durango Kid will find the proof.

  • South of Death Valley

    August 8, 1949

    When Steve Downey arrives to reopen his brother-in-law’s gold mine, he finds a war between the ranchers and the miners. Ashton has had the water poisoned killing cattle. When Ashton’s men find Steve’s hat, they kill Tom Tavish and frame Steve for the murder. Escaping jail the Durango Kid goes into action.

  • Bandits of El Dorado

    October 19, 1949

    Wanted outlaws have mysteriously disappeared. Ranger Captain Henley and Steve have a plan to find them. Steve becomes a wanted man by faking the killing of Henley. Not only is he now in trouble as both the Rangers and the Mexican Rurales are after him, but Smiley knows him and may expose his masquerade to the bad guys.

  • Horsemen of the Sierras

    November 22, 1949

    When Robin Grant inherits a valuable range, certain evil interests try their best to kill off Robin and claim the land for themselves. US Marshall Steve Saunders comes to the boy’s rescue.

  • Renegades of the Sage

    November 24, 1949

    The plot finds Steve/Durango attempting to capture ex-Civil War guerilla fighter Miller who may be the man who’s been going around knocking down telegraph wires.

  • Trail of the Rustlers

    February 2, 1950

    Charles Starrett goes up against an entire family of criminals posing as respectable citizens in this entry in Columbia’s long-running Durango Kid Western series.

  • Outcasts of Black Mesa

    April 12, 1950

    Our Hero is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Once again, he breaks jail to find the real culprits. And once again, he dons his Durango Kid disguise, whereupon stunt-double Jock Mahoney swings into action. Outcasts of Black Mesa is distinguished by the presence of a relative newcomer to the film game, leading lady Martha Hyer.

  • Texas Dynamo

    June 1, 1950

    Charles Starrett plays The Durango Kid in the 1950 Columbia western Texas Dynamo. As a novelty, Starrett not only plays Durango and his “alter ego” Steve Drake, but also takes on a third identity, that of a hired gun in the employ of the film’s bad guys. As one critic noted, this may be the only western in which the hero is obliged to chase himself. Jock O’Mahoney — later known as Jock Mahoney — plays a secondary role, and also doubles for Starrett during the riskier stunt sequences.

  • Streets of Ghost Town

    August 3, 1950

    The Durango Kid and his sidekick look for stolen gold with a history.

  • Across the Badlands

    September 14, 1950

    Charles Starrett once more hits the trail as “The Durango Kid” in Columbia’s Across the Badlands. By now, the formula was a well-oiled machine: Starrett becomes a lawman, is challenged by the local criminal element, and ultimately goes beyond the law as the masked Durango.

  • Raiders of Tomahawk Creek

    September 30, 1950

    Charles Starrett, aka “The Durango Kid”, is back in Raiders of Tomahawk Creek. Starrett plays Steve Blake, a novice Indian agent, sent out to investigate a series of mysterious murders.

  • Lightning Guns

    December 1, 1950

    The Durango Kid rides again in Lightning Guns. As ever, the masked Durango (alias Steve Brandon) is played by Charles Starrett, who this time around is on the trail of a gang of cold-blooded killers. Rancher Dan Saunders (Edgar Dearing) is held responsible for the killings because of his opposition to a politically expedient dam project. Durango believes that Saunders is innocent, and he intends to prove it.

  • Frontier Outpost

    December 29, 1950

    Federal agent Steve Lawton works undercover with his assistant, Smiley Burnette, to track down an outlaw gang that is raiding government gold shipments bound for Fort Navajo.

  • Prairie Roundup

    January 15, 1951

    In Prairie Roundup, Fred F. Sears’ direction brings a welcome jolt of vitality to Columbia’s aging “Durango Kid” western series. Once again, Charles Starrett stars as Steve Carson, a lawman who is forced to assume the identity of masked do-gooder Durango. Framed for murder, Carson escapes to locate the real killer. It turns out that he was set up by cattle baron Buck Prescott (Frank Fenton), who eliminates competition by stealing livestock from other ranchers.

  • Ridin' the Outlaw Trail

    February 23, 1951

    Charles Starrett plays lawman Steve Forsythe in Ridin’ the Outlaw Trail. Somewhere along the line, of course, Steve is obliged to don the mask of The Durango Kid, mysterious righter of wrongs. The “wrongs” in this instance include the theft of $20,000 in gold, and the “kidnapping” of a blacksmith’s forge! Jim Bannon, who only a few months earlier had played the heroic Red Ryder, provides the villainy in this fast-paced “Durango Kid” entry

  • Fort Savage Raiders

    March 14, 1951

    Fort Savage Raiders is another entry in Charles Starrett’s “Durango Kid” western series. Starrett once again does double duty as a peacekeeper named Steve (this time his last name is Drake) and as masked avenger Durango. The heavy of the piece is escaped military prisoner Craydon (John Dehner) who, with several other fugitives from justice, forms an army of terrorists.

  • Snake River Desperadoes

    May 30, 1951

    Starrett tries to prevent a range war between settlers and the Native Americans. Blue and his fellow scoundrels think they can profit from the bloodshed,but the Durango Kid along with a couple of precocious youngsters put an end to Blue’s terrorism.

  • Bonanza Town

    July 26, 1951

    Using marked bills, Steve is looking for the supposedly dead Henry Hardison. Coming to Bonanza Town he gets a job with the town boss Crag Bozeman and gets paid with marked bills. He suspects Hardison is Boseman’s boss and he is right as Hardison and his men are now planning to get rid of both him and the Durango kid.

  • Cyclone Fury

    August 14, 1951

    A late entry in Columbia’s seemingly endless Durango Kid Western series, Cyclone Fury was augmented with a hefty dose of stock footage from an earlier Durango effort, Galloping Thunder (1946), footage that included sidekick Smiley Burnette warbling “Hear the Wind (Singing a Cowboy Song)” accompanied by Merle Travis and his Bronco Busters.

  • The Kid from Amarillo

    October 29, 1951

    Charles “Durango” Starrett and his pal Smiley Burnette go after smugglers. Our heroes travel incognito across the Mexican border to beard the leader of the gang in his den.

  • Pecos River

    December 15, 1951

    Steve is a Government Agent looking for the gang that stole the U.S. Mail. He goes undercover…

  • Smoky Canyon

    January 31, 1952

    Mahoney is a sheep man who’s framed for the murder of a rancher. It’s all part of a scheme by a dishonest cattleman who hopes to extenuate a range war for his own profit. The Durango Kid helps clear Mahoney’s name.

  • The Hawk of Wild River

    February 28, 1952

    Steve Martin is sent to Wild River to recover stolen gold and finds the town is being terrorized by The Hawk and his outlaw gang. The Hawk attempts to murder Sheriff Jack Mahoney and is captured and jailed. Steve helps the Hawk break jail and thus makes contact with the bandit gang. He sends a bungling photographer, Smiley Burnette, to warn the sheriff that the gang plan to rob the express office.

  • Laramie Mountains

    April 19, 1952

    Markham and his men have found gold on the Indian reservation and are trying to get rid of them by starting an Indian war. Dressed as Indians they are attacking the soldiers. Steve Holden is the Indian agent sent to prevent a war. After finding proof that white men posing as Indians were responsible, he is able to locate the gang’s hideout but quickly becomes a prisoner slated to be killed. - Written by Maurice VanAuken

  • The Rough, Tough West

    June 14, 1952

    Charles Starrett returns as the Durango Kid in Columbia’s Rough, Tough, West. For most of the film, however, Starrett is known as “Steve Holden,” a former Texas Ranger who comes to a wide-open mining town to visit an old friend (Jack — later Jock — Mahoney). Alas, said friend has turned bad, and is busy arranging a major land grab when Steve arrives on the scene. With deep regret, our hero dons his Durango disguise to thwart his ex-friend’s criminal activities.

  • Junction City

    July 12, 1952

    Durango, aka Steve Rollins rides into town with saddle pal Smiley Burnette. The boys go to the rescue of pretty Kathleen Case, who is being victimized by greedy relatives.

  • The Kid from Broken Gun

    August 19, 1952

    Charles Starrett makes his final appearance as The Durango Kid, this time as Steve Reynolds, a postal inspector who has gone underground to catch the bad guys. His longtime sidekick, Smiley Burnette appears as an itinerant optometrist who is hardly in the plot line of the film. Jock Mahoney plays Jack Mahoney, an eastern educated dude who has come back home. The Durango Kid teaches Jack how to draw and fire a six-gun, and the two ultimately work together to bring the outlaws to justice.

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