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Free DistroTV Now Streaming on Samsung, LG, & Sony Smart TVs

Lauren Forristal

As CTV continues to flourish, DistroTV decides to expand its video streaming experience through smart TVs produced by Samsung, LG, and Sony.

Navdeep Saini, co-founder, and CEO says, “Our research shows that DistroTV viewership is on average occurring at a 15-times higher engagement rate on large screen devices versus mobile devices… We’re thrilled to expand DistroTV’s video streaming experience through our new availability on these smart TVs, and to continue to provide our growing base of viewers with the content they crave, on the devices they prefer to watch on.”

Connected TV continues to prove its popularity to audiences as well as its economic benefits towards streaming services. According to a Magnite study, 55 million American households only watch CTV, compared to traditional television. By far, CTV viewers have the most engaged and diverse audience.

What is DistroTV?

In 2019, DistroScale launched DistroTV, “the largest, independent, free, ad-supported streaming television service on the market.” In March, the viewership quadrupled, and the total watch time had surged by eight times. Overall, the company DistroScale reaches 250+ million visitors every month.

The reasoning behind their success is due to efforts to broaden its audience. They aim to cater to a multicultural, broad-minded audience with its content from across the globe. DistroTV’s channel library includes thousands of on-demand films and more than 150 live television channels, such as Bloomberg TV, Euronews, and PeopleTV. They have also added new diverse channels like AfroLandTV, Thrill One Network, True History, and Moto America.

DistroTV is already available on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung, LG, along with mobile apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

As the platform continues to grow, it hopes the audience will too, thanks to the fact that it is easily accessible, always available, and never requires registration or a subscription. Most importantly, it’s free!

What Smart TVs Can Stream DistroTV?

  • Samsung TVs: Crystal UHD, Frame, HD models released since 2018 (series 6,7,8,9), Neo QLED, and QLED.
  • LG Smart TVs: models released since 2018 or ones that have been upgraded to WebOS 4.0 or above (OLED 8/9/X/1 series LED K/M/N/P series, all NanoCell, and all QNED models).
  • Sony SmartTVs that are equipped with GoogleTV or Android TV operating systems.

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