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Consumers More Satisfied With Disney Plus Than Apple TV Plus, Survey Finds

Stephanie Sengwe

Disney+ and Apple TV+ launched days within each other last November, but it seems like the home of Mickey Mouse has the upper hand when it comes to attracting consumers. Variety noted that a new survey by YouGov, in partnership with Variety Intelligence Platform (VIP), found that 76 percent of people gave Disney+ a four or five out of five rating when asked if they were satisfied with the service; only 48 percent responded the same when surveyed about Apple TV+.

According to the survey, one of the areas of contention for customers of Apple TV+ is its user interface. Fifty-three percent of respondents gave the service a four or five out of five when asked to rate the serviceโ€™s user interface. In comparison, 77 percent of users gave Disney+ the same rating, which was also higher the Prime Video (68 percent) and slightly higher than Hulu (73 percent).

Since its launch, Disney+’s popularity has been climbing, with the streamer becoming an immediate competitor to the longstanding services Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. A report by mobile analytics firm Sensor Tower revealed that the Disney+ mobile app has garnered 40.9 million downloads on Appleโ€™s app store and Google Play, mainly in the U.S. In the first 60 days after its launch, the app is also reported to have generated approximately $97.2 million in user spending on mobile.

Though these numbers are already monumental, they still donโ€™t include interest in Disney+ stemming from smart TVs, gaming consoles or devices like Roku and Apple TV. According to CNET, customers seem to generally prefer to watch Disney+ programming on TVs. In comparison, only two-thirds to three-quarters report the same for Netflix and Hulu.