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Disney+ Working to Restore Missing Episodes After Glitch; ‘Lizzie McGuire,’ ‘Agent Carter,’ More Impacted

Melanie Vanderveer

If you’re currently binging certain Disney+ series from the streamer’s library and noticed that some episodes are not available, you’re not losing your mind. While it might be time for a bathroom or snack break, that wasn’t the streamer’s intention in removing the episodes.

On Tuesday, Disney+ users started noticing that select episodes from a seemingly random collection of series were no longer available to stream. The impacted shows included “Duck Tales,” “X-Men,” “Lizzie McGuire,” “Agent Carter,” “Owl House,” and “Rocket & Groot.” Upset viewers took to the internet to share their confusion and frustration over the missing episodes (since they unexpectedly had extra time on their hands waiting for the episodes to return.)

Disney+ reassured viewers that the disappearance of those specific episodes was not intentional, but rather due to a technical glitch. The streamer promised to work to resolve the issue and return the missing episodes as soon as they possibly could.

While this process has been taking a bit longer than the streamer had originally hoped, Disney+ promises that they are doing everything they can to rectify the situation.

“We are actively working to resolve the issue impacting access to a subset of series episodes for some Disney+ subscribers,” a company spokesperson told Deadline in a statement. “We are sorry for the experience and appreciate everyone’s patience.”


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