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FIRST LOOK: Disney+ Movie Detail Page, With Add to Watch List, Movie Extras, & No Auto-Playing Trailers

Stephanie Sengwe

Disney+ just gave us a first look of their movie detail page at the D23 Expo. The Disney+ App comes with an “Add To Watch List” feature, which allows you to aggregate all your favorite content into one spot. The service also comes with movie “Extras,” which will give behind-the-scenes looks, commentary, and interviews with the stars of your favorite movies.

Most notably, Disney+’s movie page does not auto-play trailers, which has proven to a contested feature on Netflix. Viewers of Disney+ get the option to choose whether or not they would like to watch trailers of specified movies.

It seems Disney+ wants to ensure that their subscribers are in full control of every bit of their experience. The service’s Kids Mode gives parents more functionality around what their kids can and canโ€™t see in the app. During a demo in April, Disney Chairman of Direct-to-Consumer, Kevin Mayer said, that with parental controls children โ€œwill only see curated and recommended content or the youngest members of the households.โ€