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Hulu Hits 35.5 Million Subscribers, Including 3.4 Million Hulu + Live TV Subscribers

Stephanie Sengwe

Hulu reached 35.5 million subscribers in Disney’s Q3 2020 earnings report today. The figures include 32.1 million Hulu SVOD subscribers and 3.4 million Hulu + Live TV subscribers.

That’s up 3.4 million from the 32.1 million subscribers Disney revealed in their in Q2 2020 report.

The growth of Hulu Live TV has given the streamer a big lead ahead of Sling TV, which lost 281,000 subscribers in Q1 2020, bringing it down to 2.311 million subscribers and YouTube TV, which was last reported at 2 million users. They have been gaining share on A&T TV NOW, which lost 68,000 subscribers, leaving them with just 720,000 in their second quarter.

While Hulu is one of the fastest growing streaming services, Disney has tried to accelerate its growth by bundling it with ESPN+ and Disney+. Subscribers are able to access all three services for just $12.99 a month, which is the same price as Netflix.