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Hulu Updates Home Screen on iPhone & iPad Apps For Easier Discovery of Content

Jason Gurwin

Hulu has updated their iPhone & iPad Apps with a complete overhaul of their Home menu. Now, when you scroll through content, you will see more than one show or movie. On iPad, there are now up to six tiles of content, while on iPhone you can see two at at time.

This dramatically improves the discoverability of content compared to their earlier apps. Before, you would see a single show or movie, meaning you need to scroll one-by-one to find anything in the app. To see the changes, you must update to Hulu version 6.0 from the App Store.

New Hulu App vs. Old Hulu App

This is just one of the many enhancements that Hulu has on the horizon for their mobile, TV, and web experience.

In January, Hulu announced a major overhaul of their Apps, which would see significant enhancements for their Hulu Live TV streamers. One of the most anticipated changes with the introduction of a new 14-Day Grid Guide (up from 48 hours), which would allow subscribers to look ahead 2 weeks across all channels.

Last month, Hulu began rolling it out on devices starting with They plan to expand it to more devices in the coming months. Besides being able to look ahead, you will also be able to check if a game in blacked out in your city directly from the guide.