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Is ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’ Available to Stream? When Will Final ‘Magic Mike’ Film Arrive on HBO Max?

Tom Gaffey, Matt Tamanini

The final installment in the The Magic Mike movie trilogy is opening in theaters nationwide on Friday, Feb. 10. “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” starring Channing Tatum reprising his role as exotic dancer Mike Lane, is the third and final installment of the exotic-dancer film series. The film is directed by Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh, who also directed the first film.

In this final chapter in the saga, the title character finds himself down and out, and bartending once again in Florida. In an attempt at redemption, he heads to London with an affluent socialite Maxandra Mendoza, played by Salma Hayek, where the drama continues and the plot thickens overseas. The film has received tepid reviews thus far, with a 47% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but this is not likely to dissuade the fanbase of this franchise.

Watch the trailer for ‘Magic Mike’s Last Dance’:

If you are someone who prefers to watch the “Magic Mike” films in the comfort (and privacy) of your own home, you might be wondering if and when this Warner Bros. Pictures film will be made available for streaming. As the film distribution arm of Warner Bros. Discovery, all Warner Bros. Pictures movies will head to HBO Max eventually, but the question becomes when.

As of today, there has been no announcement as to when the film will be available on HBO Max, but we can look at the streaming service’s windowing track record to get a pretty good idea of when to expect the film to arrive on the service. Though “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” is currently a theatrical exclusive, it will likely come to various video-on-demand services — like [Prime Video Channels][prime-video] and iTunes — for rental and purchases around one month from now. From there, how it does at the theatrical box office and on VOD will determine when the film lands on HBO Max.

Looking at some of the recent big-screen titles to arrive on the service shows us that we are likely looking at a six to either-week window before the latest “Magic Mike” film arrives on streaming. In December, “The Menu” was released on the platform after a 46-day theatrical window, representing essentially the bare minimum amount of time that a film will take before landing on a subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service, if it doesn’t originate there in the first place. However, it can take longer.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance

February 9, 2023

Mike Lane takes to the stage again after a lengthy hiatus, following a business deal that went bust, leaving him broke and taking bartender gigs in Florida. For what he hopes will be one last hurrah, Mike heads to London with a wealthy socialite who lures him with an offer he can’t refuse… and an agenda all her own. With everything on the line, once Mike discovers what she truly has in mind, will he—and the roster of hot new dancers he’ll have to whip into shape—be able to pull it off?

Best Picture nominee “The Banshees of Inisherin” had a 53-day theatrical window before coming to HBO Max, while “Black Adam” had 56 days between its cinema and streaming debuts. However, while those three films had a lot of buzz coming off of their theatrical runs, which might have encouraged WBD to release them sooner to capitalize on the marketing and word of mouth, the company waited longer to release the critically panned “Amsterdam.” The film took a full two months from theatrical release to arrive on HBO Max in early December.

So, the exact date that “Magic Mike’s Last Dance” will arrive on HBO Max is still up in the air, but we know that it will be no earlier than late March. However, depending on how well it does in theaters and then on video-on-demand, Warner Bros. Discovery could push the release back even further. If it disappoints at the box office, there is more motivation to get it out of theaters and give it an early streaming release on HBO Max. If, even with its lukewarm critical reception, this final installment in the trilogy is a hit at the box office, streaming audiences might need to head to theaters or wait several months to stream the film on HBO Max. Given the cult following of “Magic Mike” and “Magic Mike XXL,” our prediction is that the movie will do well with audiences, especially considering its relatively modest budget of $45 to $49 million.

So, we estimate that the film will take approximately 60 days to arrive on HBO Max, meaning that it will hit the service during the week of Monday, April 10.


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