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FIRST LOOK: A Full Walk-through of the New Magnolia App to Stream Magnolia Network Shows

Michael King

The Magnolia Network has launched, anchored by the new Magnolia app, and it’s available on both mobile and streaming platforms, but not as a linear channel — yet.

More than 150 hours of programming launched with the network from a variety of subject areas, including home, food, gardening, design, entrepreneurship, and the arts.

The network plans to launch additional episodes of the series they’ve already launched plus new series in the weeks and months to come.

The Magnolia Network itself is a hub for all things related to their world, including home-based crafts and projects, shopping for items from the Magnolia family, visiting the Magnolia shops in Waco, Texas, and, of course, at its core, home for the streaming network itself.

The mobile and streaming Magnolia Network app is an extension of the Discovery+ app, allowing viewers free access to content from the Magnolia Network, plus exclusive content not available anywhere else. Access to the content will be unlocked for viewers by entering their Discovery+ login credentials or through a login and password previously established on the Magnolia website.

While most of the early content has been made available on the Discovery+ app before the Magnolia Network’s launch, many aspects of the new network will only be available through the new app going forward.

What platforms is the Magnolia Network app available on?

The Magnolia Network app is available on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Magnolia App

The Magnolia Network App is a video streaming service that offers all things Magnolia. The app is designed as a fully immersive brand experience, with access to Magnolia Network original shows, workshops, shopping, and special member benefits.

While the official Magnolia Network isn’t launching on TV until January 2022, you can stream their original series, like “Fixer Upper: Welcome Home” and “Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines,” with a discovery+ subscription.

That discovery+ subscription allows you to sign in directly to the Magnolia app. If you don’t have a discovery+ subscription, you can sign-up for a 7-Day Free Trial, then use those credentials to sign in to the Magnolia app. Right now, you cannot use the Magnolia Network app without a discovery+ account.

You will get exclusive content on the Magnolia app not available on discovery+, including “French Chef” with Julia Child, Monty Don’s “Gardens” series, “World’s Most Secret Homes,” and more. You can learn more about Magnolia’s original series here.

Magnolia Network (via a discovery+ account) is available with limited ads for $4.99 / month or ad-free for $6.99 / month.

What do you find in the Magnolia Network mobile app?

When first launching the mobile app, viewers are greeted by the opportunity to log in with their Discovery+ credentials. If they don’t have a log-in and password, they can sign-up at that point for all things Magnolia, and get a one-week free preview.

After the log-in, there are four core subject areas: Watch, Shop, Visit, and Create.

The “Watch” section is where viewers will find all of the shows from the Magnolia Network.

In addition to having the capability to watch the shows as shown on the Discovery+ app, there are additional shows not available for Discovery viewers — including the first two seasons of The French Chef with Julia Child as first aired in 1963.

Three tabs at the bottom of the page — labeled “Watch”, “Shows”, and “Search” — allow viewers to navigate through that section of the app.

In the “Shop” section, viewers can browse and shop for decor, kitchen and dining features, garden supplies, home fragrances, and of course, Magnolia apparel. There is also an area to subscribe to the quarterly Magnolia Journal magazine.

The “Visit” section of the app includes details of the Magnolia Silos facilities in Waco, Texas, where the Chip and Joanna Gaines media empire is based. There’s info on Magnolia Market, Magnolia Home, Magnolia Seed + Supply, and all the other facilities that are part of the Magnolia complex.

There’s also info on where to shop, where to eat, and events at the complex itself as well as in the surrounding Waco area.

Under “Create,” viewers will find hands-on “Workshops” — crafts and projects in the form of video courses from the hosts of some of the shows on Magnolia Network. These include Hilton Carter hosting an 8-chapter “Guide to Houseplants” and Zoe Francois with a 9-chapter “Fundamentals of Baking: Cookies.”

A “Blog” section includes entries and content from Magnolia Journal magazine, notes from Joanna Gaines, and other content. Each has expansive photographs and purchasing details or recipes where they’ve been mentioned.

What is in the Roku and Fire TV versions of the Magnolia Network app?

The Roku and Fire TV versions of the Magnolia Network app concentrate on the details as listed under the “Watch” section — providing the shows from the new network.

The linear version of the Magnolia Network will go live in January 2022, replacing the current DIY Network.

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