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‘Mulan’ International Price Point Will Be Less Than the $29.99 Cost in the U.S.

Stephanie Sengwe

It looks like “Mulan” will be more costly in the U.S. than in Disney+’s international markets. According to Deadline, in countries such as Cananda, UK, Ireland and other European territories, the movie will be under the $29.99 price point Disney set for the U.S.

In Canada, “Mulan” has been set at $34.99 CAD, which comes out to roughly $26 in the U.S. In the UK, the movie is going for £19.99, while it’s set at €21.99 in European territories such as Spain, Austria, Ireland and Italy. All come out to $26 USD. In Australia, the film has been marked at $34.99 AUD, which comes out to be about $25 USD.

Earlier this month, Disney floored fans when they announced the highly-anticipated “Mulan” would skip a theatrical release and head straight to PVOD instead. The decision came after the film’s original March 9 debut was delayed due to COVID-19.

Even more jarring was the fact that the film would not be included with your Disney+ subscription. Instead, the film will be released on Sept. 4 as a premium on-demand offering for $29.99.

The company later on revised their decision a bit and will release “Mulan” on the big screen in China.

“Posting on its Weibo account, the studio confirmed that the film had been cleared for release in the Middle Kingdom, writing that ‘the magnolia blossoms live up to expectations and come as promised’ and ‘the theater is about to bloom,’” Deadline reported.