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New Poll Finds 28% of Americans Only Watch Streaming Content

Fern Siegel

Streamers have changed the way Americans watch TV. The latest study from global platform Piplsay notes streaming platforms are recording rising numbers, as pay-TV numbers drop.

A recent online poll of 50,063 Americans nationwide conducted in February and released on Tuesday found key viewing trends.

For example, 28% of Americans watch content only on streaming platforms, while 62% of OTT subscribers prefer paid subscriptions and 38% favor free content.

For streamers, the issue of subscriber retention is critical — and media consumption is often determined by demographics. The study found 38% of Gen Zers watch content only on streaming platforms, the highest among age groups. Some 58% of Gen Xers watch content on mobile phones compared to 45% of millennials.

Those stats impact pay TV, with cord cutting rife among younger demos. But Piplsay also found 34% of Americans spend more than three hours watching pay TV versus 21% of OTT subscribers. In fact, 15% of Americans subscribe to traditional platforms exclusively, while another 38% have subscribed to both pay-TV and OTT platforms.

Surprisingly, despite the huge on-demand content, it reports most Americans tend to spend more on pay TV than streaming platforms.

Of course, streaming isn’t just impacting cable premium services. Hollywood studios have also taken a hit. The poll found 46% of Americans have either stopped or reduced going to the movies. While expense can be an issue, others wait for films to show up on streaming services.

Photo credit: Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

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