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NVIDIA SHIELD Appears To Be Getting an Update, With Improved Chipset

Jason Gurwin

Last week Android TV Rumors, discovered a new NVIDIA SHIELD codenamed ‘marcy’ as part of the Google Play Console. The Android TV device is already one of the favorite media streaming player’s by cord-cutters, but has been using the same Tegra X1 chip since 2015.

In 2017, they debuted a slightly slimmer version of the device, but many have asked for an update to the top-of-the-line streaming device. The rumored device appears to have an refreshed Tegra X1 and support Android TV 9 Pie. With the new device may come a long a new remote, as well as an updated controller.

The NVIDIA SHIELD is one of the most updated Android devices, which had it’s 20th software upgrade in September 2018 since it launched 4 years ago. Many like the device for its ease of extensibility with external storage, as well as the support to use it as a Plex hub without the need of a separate compute