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Report: “Friends” is Working on a Reunion for HBO Max

Jason Gurwin

Earlier this year, WarnerMedia confirmed that the beloved Friends, will be moving to its streaming service, HBO Max. The show is one of the crown jewels for the streaming service, which will launch next May.

Now, according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the service is in talks for a 25th Anniversary reunion, which would see all six cast members return for a special on HBO Max. The reunion is not official, as they are still trying to work out details of a deal and scheduling for the show.

Recently, Jennifer Aniston was asked on Ellen about the chance of a reboot. Aniston denied that a reboot would come, but said “we would love for there to be something.”

When it launches in May 2020, HBO Max will include 10,000 hours of programming at launch including the entire HBO service and library, a large offering of new original content, and a slate of acquired & library programming (Friends, Big Bang Theory, Sesame Street, South Park, Ricky & Morty, The West Wing).

The service will cost $14.99 a month — the same price as HBO NOW.

Those with HBO NOW or those who get HBO through AT&T or DirecTV will automatically get HBO Max at no extra charge. Those who get it through their cable company will need to wait until AT&T reaches new deals to get HBO Max content.