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Something to Stream Every Day This Week; ‘House of Payne,’ ‘Shrinking,’ ‘Succession,’ More

David Satin

Where has the month gone? It seemed like only yesterday that we were talking about the doldrums of February weather, and could only dream of the glimmer of spring. Now, there are fewer than 14 days until April, and the first official day of spring is right around the corner!

That doesn’t mean that streaming services are ready to pull back on new releases of movies and TV shows, however. There are some fantastic additions coming to a streaming platform near you this week, so check below and see what new gems you’ll be able to watch!

Monday, March 20

‘TMZ Investigates: 9/11: The Fifth Plane’ | FOX, Stream with a five-day free trial to DIRECTV STREAM

This all-new special investigates what could have been a fifth plane being targeted by hijackers on 9/11, with interviews from the flight attendants, the pilot, and others who believe their plane may have become a weapon of mass destruction. There were a series of suspicious and alarming activities on United Flight 23, a 767 that was scheduled to take off at 9 a.m. from JFK en route to LAX on September 11, 2001.

Watch a Preview of ‘TMZ Investigates: 9/11: The Fifth Plane’

The special also includes interviews with the United dispatcher, a member of the 9/11 Commission, and a former member of Congress who represented Manhattan on 9/11. You may think you know the story of one of the most tragic days in American history, but there’s still much more to uncover.

Tuesday, March 21

We Lost Our Human’ Premiere | Netflix

If you’re looking for something you and your kids can enjoy together, this is the perfect premiere for you. There’s been a glitch — all the humans are gone! Can you help pampered, but adorable pet siblings Pud and Ham journey to the center of the universe to fix it?

We Lost Our Human

March 21, 2023

This new Netflix special is more than just a movie; it’s an interactive adventure! As the story plays out, viewers will be prompted to pick which way Pud and Ham go next. Wacky escapades and general mayhem lie ahead, but will you be able to help these loveable rascals find their humans?

Wednesday, March 22

House of Payne’ Season 10 Premiere | BET+

The Payne family returns with new challenges: C.J. and Janine navigate parenting their young twins, while still attending to the needs of their adult children. Meanwhile, Calvin and Miranda adjust to their new lives apart as they continue to work through their divorce.

House of Payne

June 21, 2006

The show revolved around a multi-generational family living under one roof in Atlanta led by patriarch Curtis Payne and his wife Ella.

At well over 200 episodes, “House of Payne” is the longest-running sitcom that focuses on a predominately Black family in American history. The series clearly has no intention of slowing down, even amidst discussions that Paramount is looking to sell BET and BET+.

Thursday, March 23

The Night Agent’ Series Premiere | Netflix

The super-tense new series follows a low-level FBI agent who works nights in the basement of the White House manning a phone line for undercover spies that never rings. But one day, it does, setting into motion a chain of events uncovering a conspiracy that reaches all the way to the Oval Office.

Watch a Trailer for ‘The Night Agent’

If you’ve been waiting for Netflix’s answer to Prime Video’s “Jack Ryan” series, the wait is finally over. The series is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Matthew Quirk and will offer a ton of intrigue and action. “Imagine ‘All the President’s Men’ with car chases,” creator Shawn Ryan said when asked to sum up the essence of his new series.

Friday, March 24

Shrinking’ Season 1 Finale | Apple TV+

Jimmy is struggling to grieve the loss of his wife while being a dad, friend, and therapist. He decides to try a new approach with everyone in his path: unfiltered, brutal honesty. Can he help himself by helping others? Will it bring him back into the light?


January 26, 2023

All season long, Jimmy (played by series co-creator Jason Segel) has been offering his unique brand of therapy to his patients. Some have had breakthroughs, some haven’t, and in a couple of cases, things have gotten extremely personal. It’s been a bittersweet and hilarious journey throughout, and this finale will almost certainly leave fans wanting more ahead of Season 2.

Saturday, March 25

A Picture of Her’ | Hallmark Channel, Stream with a Subscription to Philo

Beth (Rhiannon Fish) discovers one day that she unwittingly has become the subject of an award-winning magazine’s cover. Overcome with curiosity, she goes on a quest to uncover the true identity of the mystery photographer who snapped her photo.

A Picture of Her

March 25, 2023

Who says you have to wait until winter to enjoy the romance and heart-warming joy of Hallmark Original movies? This newest in the channel’s lineup of offerings also stars Tyler Hynes as Beth’s mystery photographer. Will sparks fly when the pair meet, or will the picture of their love come back all blurry?

Sunday, March 26

Succession’ Season 4 Premiere | HBO Max

“Succession” tracks the lives of the Roy family as they contemplate their future once their aging father (Brian Cox) begins to step back from the media and entertainment conglomerate they control. But the Roy patriarch isn’t ready to relax his grip on the empire he built just yet, and his children have grown increasingly willing to do whatever they can to get their hands on it.


June 3, 2018

This will be the final season of “Succession,” so fans can’t afford to miss a single second to see how the Roy family drama will conclude. The series has brought home a good deal of awards hardware in the past, including Emmy and Golden Globes wins. Could this dark comedy’s last outing be it’s most successful of all?


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