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Survey: 87% of U.S. Adults Own Connected TV, 46% Watch Daily

Stephen Silver

Almost 90% of U.S. adults own at least one connected TV device — and nearly half of them watch video on such a device daily. That’s according to data released this week by the Leichtman Research Group, Inc., as part of “Connected TVs 2022,” the 19th annual edition of the firm’s survey.

The 87% of “U.S. TV households” who have a connected device is up from 80% in 2020, 69% in 2017, and 38% in 2012. Connected TV devices are defined as smart TVs, streaming players, streaming video game systems, and other devices that enable streaming through a TV.

“The data in this study indicate that there are now nearly 500 million connected TV devices in U.S. TV households,” president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group Bruce Leichtman said. ”This is an increase from about 300 million connected TV devices in (sic) 2017.”

As for the 46% of adults in such households who watch connected TV daily, that figure has risen from 40% in 2020 and 4% over the past decade. In addition, 71% of TV households have at least one smart TV, which represents an increase from 58% in 2020 and just 11% in 2012. And a full 50% of smart TVs are now connected smart TVs.

“Along with this increase in the number of devices, the percent of adults in the U.S. using these connected devices to watch video on a TV each day has significantly increased—growing from twenty-five to forty-six percent—in the past five years,” Leichtman added.

As the technology required for streaming continues to become the default for many households across the country, the interest in various streaming platforms, price points, and bundles continues to increase. Leichtman reported last September that streaming subscriptions had been holding since pandemic highs, but as more premium services introduce ad-supported options these shifts will likely draw in tech-weary consumers.

Leichtman’s research indicates that younger viewers — especially those in the Gen Z demographic — are far more likely to use connected TVs than their older counterparts, but with the move away from traditional TV only accelerating it is likely that more and more older Americans will adopt smart TVs and streaming as the standard in years to come.