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YouTube TV Adds Fox Weather, Just in Time for Huge Snowstorm

Ben Bowman

Just as a monster snowstorm stretches from Texas to Maine, YouTube TV provides another way to keep eyes on the skies - FOX Weather is now available on the streamer. This marks the first time FOX Weather has been added to a linear service. It has previously only been available as a standalone app, though there have been limited weather “takeovers” of FOX Business Network on weekends.

How to Add FOX Weather to Your YouTube TV Lineup

If you use the standard YouTube TV channel lineup, you should see FOX Weather available. But if you use a custom guide, you’ll need to take another step.

  1. Click your profile photo in the upper right corner
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Live Guide
  4. Scroll to the bottom and check the circle next to FOX Weather

FOX handed over the entire 12th floor of its Manhattan office building to FOX Weather, and has already rolled out some noteworthy new innovations. Chief among these is the “Sky Dome”, a ceiling-mounted dome light packed with color-changing LED lights. The colors in the Sky Dome will shift depending on the time of day as well as depending on the weather outside. When severe weather is involved, the lights will shift to red, making it clear that dangerous weather is in play.

Additionally, FOX Weather has hooked up with WeatherSTEM to bring in live video feeds from stadiums nationwide. This allows sports fans and gamblers to have a better sense for how the weather might impact the games.

This addition comes just a few weeks after YouTube TV announced it would be adding The Weather Channel, though that deal hasn’t gone through in time for this particular storm.

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FOX Weather

FOX Weather is a 24/7 live weather service that offers coverage around the country. It includes forecasts, radar imagery, weather-related news, and live cameras at sites around the United States. The service is free and ad-supported. You can view the livestream at the top of the Watch tab in the FOX Weather mobile app.