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YouTube TV Now Integrated into YouTube App on Select VIZIO Smart TVs

Jason Gurwin

Earlier this month,a dispute between Roku and YouTube TV, saw the YouTube TV App no longer available to new users on Roku Streaming Players and Roku TVs. In response, YouTube added the ability to stream YouTube TV from the YouTube App on Roku.

At the time, the company said they planned to add this functionality to other devices as well.

Now, the company has added their first new device, allowing users on select VIZIO Smart TVs to stream the Live TV Streaming Service directly from the YouTube App. Those YouTube TV subscribers who use VIZIO Smart TVs (2020 and newer) as their streaming device can now stream YouTube TV through the regular YouTube app.

To access it, you will select “Go to YouTube TV” on the YouTube sidebar. Selecting this option will switch them over to the YouTube TV interface. Be advised: you won’t be able to sign up for YouTube TV through this workaround — you’ll have to either be an existing customer or sign up elsewhere.

Since YouTube is such a large part of the streaming ecosystem, this seems like a shrewd move by the company. It now forces streaming platforms to boot YouTube if they ever want to remove YouTube TV. While it doesn’t appear there is any dispute between VIZIO and YouTube, this is definitely one way to tip the scales to YouTube’s favor if there ever is one.

Roku has said of the similar move on Roku devices, “Google’s actions are the clear conduct of an unchecked monopolist bent on crushing fair competition and harming consumer choice. The bundling announcement by YouTube highlights the kind of predatory business practices used by Google that Congress, Attorneys General and regulatory bodies around the world are investigating. Roku has not asked for one additional dollar in financial value from YouTube TV.”