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How to Record on YouTube TV (with pictures)

screenshot of YouTube TV DVR library

YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR storage space, allowing you to save your favorite programs up to nine months. It’s very simple to record a show! Just follow these steps.

Setting up DVR recordings with the YouTube TV app

Because it’s easier to type on your phone, we recommend searching via the YouTube TV mobile app.

  1. When you open the app, click the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner, then type the title of whatever you’re searching for.

  2. Click the name when you see what you’re looking for and you’ll see this screen:

  3. Click that “plus” button to set up the recording. When you do, you’ll get a confirmation message and the “plus” becomes a “checkmark.”

  1. If you want a notification when the recording begins, you can hit the “bell” icon.

Setting up DVR recordings on your smart TV or streaming device

  1. When you open YouTube TV, the initial screen features that magnifying glass in the upper right corner as well, click that to activate the search box, then type in your chosen program.

  2. Once again, the process is simple. Just click the “plus” icon to add programs to your library.

Setting up DVR recordings while watching live TV

  1. If you’re watching a program live and you’d like to add it to your TV recordings, a simple “down” click on your remote brings up several options.
  1. Once again, you’ll see the handy “plus” icon. Simply click that and your current program will be added to the library section.

Also worth noting, any future airings of that program will be added to your library. Right now, YouTube TV does not allow for recordings of single episodes.

How to view your recorded programs

  1. The first screen you see when accessing YouTube TV always features a “Library” link. Click the word “Library” to access everything you’ve saved.
    The library is helpfully separated by:

    • New in your library
    • Most watched
    • Scheduled
    • Shows
    • Movies
    • Sports
    • Events
    • Purchased
  1. Click on any item to start viewing!