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Hulu Rolls Out New Search and Personalization Features

Jason Gurwin

Hulu announced today a new set of features to make it easier to find content that you’ll want to watch. Over the summer, the company enhanced their personalization engine - and now you’ll be able to better influence what it recommends.

Like & Dislike Buttons

Now, you can like or dislike a show or movie. When you do — Hulu will either show more similar titles, or make sure you never see that title again.

The company will begin to roll out this feature today on, Amazon Fire TV devices, XboxOne, Nintendo Switch, select LG, Samsung, and Android TVs, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, and Chromecast, with other devices coming soon.

Personalized Home Screen

Hulu is going to better tailor the home screen using your viewing preferences. It will now display more relevant collections and order them based on your watch preferences.

For example, animation fans will see animation programs more prominently on their home screen, while those who don’t watch kids content may not see those collections all.

The company will also use the same improvements to refine suggestions for content in the “Up Next” section. This will include a human curation element based on breaking news and sports for live viewers.

We’re used to fat fingering especially when typing with a TV remote. Over the next few months, Hulu will improve search when you type with spelling mistakes. They said they were able to automatically correct over 1,500 incorrect spellings of “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

They also will now consider nicknames for shows like HIMYM for “How I Met Your Mother.”