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Hulu Releases Wide-Ranging Study on American Streaming Habits

Torrey Hart

A new study backed by Hulu found that 91percent of “Generation Stream” – what it calls the 90 percent of 13-54-year olds in the U.S. who stream from at least one service – would give up their music streaming service, social media, favorite food, favorite fashion item or favorite brand before giving up their video streaming service.

To explore Generation Stream, Hulu partnered with research agency Culture Co-op and used a 25-minute online study with 2,500 responses from Gen Zers, millennials and Gen Xers, representative of Americans ages 13-to-54, fielded in April 2020.

Respondents were classified into three areas: “stream only,” “stream most” and “stream also.”

The study found that 37 percent only stream their video content, 47 percent stream most of it, and 16 percent stream in addition to another method. It found that “stream only” users “tend to be extroverted entertainment enthusiasts that skew male, multicultural, pop-culture savvy, and Gen Z.”

Eighty-six percent of Hulu subscribers specifically fall into the stream only (41 percent) and stream most (45 percent) buckets.

The study also assessed viewing behaviors by whether users “lean forward” (are fully immersed and actively thinking about what they’re watching, “lean back” (are relaxing and unwinding wall watching), and whether they watch solo or socially.

It found that the majority of those surveyed (43 percent) are “therapeutic” viewers, meaning they tend to lean back and watch solo.

More generally, the study also found that 90 percent of 13-to-54-year-olds watch TV and movies on a video streaming platform and that 57 percent say t’s likely they will subscribe to a streaming service within the next 5 years.

Along with the study released Monday, Hulu launched a Generation Stream hub on its website, where it will continue to upload reports, “trendsetter Q&As,” and video interviews.

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