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Redbox Leverages DVD Rental Kiosks for Streaming Promotions

Lauren Forristal

Redbox is breaking out of its kiosks. After going public, the company is not only boosting its streaming product, it’s working to serve as a bridge between the DVD crowd and other streaming services.

Redbox CEO Galen Smith emphasizes in a Fierce Video interview that the 19-year old disc-dispensing kiosk business will use its unique marketing tactics to get the word out about Redbox Free Live TV as they plan on building a single app experience for the near future. Thus, exclusive promos at the kiosk will allow them to license more and better content, hyping up the Redbox Entertainment original content machine.

Redbox uses its 40,000+ DVD and Blu-ray rental kiosks to its advantage by highlighting promotions such as its SHOWTIME deal that was announced back in August. The promo allowed viewers a free subscription for a month and the ability to watch five one-night Redbox rentals.

This not only brought traction to Showtime but to the Redbox app as well. Smith says, “…in about six weeks we were able to help drive 60,000 new subs to Showtime. And this was an email bundled offer of nights at the kiosk plus a Showtime subscription. So, our ability to bring that to consumers in an email campaign, thinking about how much simpler to just subscribe in the app, it becomes a powerful opportunity.”

Loyal kiosk consumers that may be behind on technology are nudged towards Redbox’s growing digital presence, including AVOD and SVOD services and original programming, every time they pick up a movie rental.

The 2021 addition of its one-tap “keyring” feature for its partnered streaming services has significantly helped Redbox. “I can help bring them to you as a subscription service,” Smith says. “It becomes a really incredible partnership, because they may not have been able to find you otherwise.”

Furthermore, the mid-2022 deal with Roku users and Walmart shoppers will offer a $5 credit toward movie rentals when consumers download the Redbox app via their Roku player. Smith believes, “there’s an opportunity for us to help bring our customer base to these devices like we’re doing with Roku, and that’s probably a better use of our resources than doing our own device…That’s why we’re doing the promotion with Roku because we’re helping to bring new customers to Roku through the sale of Redbox promotion-led devices at Walmart.”

The video rental company continues to improve with the goal to simplify streaming and become an independent player in the industry. In the meantime, the coupling of streaming and physical media is their legacy and will continue to bring them success for a while longer.

More About Redbox

With a user base of about 40 million people, only 3 million viewers use the streaming platform Redbox On Demand. Redbox’s streaming app is available on Roku, Vizio, Samsung, iOS, and Android. The linear channels are available on the Web at, Roku, iOS and Android devices, Android TV, Vizio Smart TVs, LG TVs, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Samsung TVs, and Chromecast.


Redbox is a free ad-supported video streaming service with dozens of live streaming channels and on demand movies. Users can also rent or buy movies through the platform.

Starting in 2002, Redbox began offering DVDs through its iconic kiosks. The company launched Redbox On Demand in 2018 to deliver a broader selection of movies and TV shows via video-on-demand.

Streaming rentals typically run $1.99-$5.99, though you can sometimes rent theatrical releases early for $19.99. Purchases are often $9.99-$19.99. Users can sometimes get a discount by purchasing movie bundles. Older films are usually less expensive than new releases.

How to Apply Promo Codes at Redbox Kiosk, Online, or in App

At the Kiosk:

  • Visit any Redbox location.
  • Add a movie to your cart.
  • Touch the “PROMO CODE” button.
  • Select the promo code or enter manually.

Online or in the Mobile App:

  • Visit or the Redbox mobile app.
  • Add a movie to your cart.
  • Go to checkout and select “Continue.”
  • Select “Apply Promo.”
  • Select the promo code or enter manually.

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