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How To Watch ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Season 1 Finale Online on Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, and Mobile

Jeremy Milliner

Cloned from a notorious bounty hunter and bred for war, the troopers of Clone Force 99 were destined for a rough life. Members of The Bad Batch, however, were able to disobey the infamous Order 66. From that moment, the story of Echo, Crosshair, Hunter, Tech, and Wrecker changed irrevocably. Disney has already announced a second season for The Bad Batch, but first, we get to sit back and enjoy the Season 1 finale. Stream it on Friday, August 13 with a subscription to Disney+.

How to Watch ‘The Bad Batch’ Season 1 Finale

About Star Wars: The Bad Batch

You’d think with a Season Finale title like ‘Return to Kamino,’ Clone Force 99 would be right at home. The truth, however, is that they’re still navigating stormy waters (figuratively and literally). Finding themselves in unexpected territory, Hunter is in the grasp of the Empire, and from the look of things, Crosshair isn’t upset about it. We all know how the story goes - the Empire is destined to abandon its obsoleting clone army in favor of newly recruited soldiers; it’s just a matter of “when,” not “if” the axe will fall.

Part one of the two-part Season 1 finale concluded with the Bad Batch trapped in their birthplace city. Now exploding all around them and collapsing into the sea, the birthplace of the Republic army is in shambles and a chapter of Star Wars history is forced to a close. It’s also the end of clones being used as troopers for the Republic turned Empire, and heralds the days of the Empire’s height of power. Watch the finale on Friday, August 13 with a subscription to Disney+, and see how it sets up for an all-new adventure in Season 2!

Can You Watch Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Disney+ For Free?

While Disney+ no longer offers a free trial of the service, if you are an Xbox Game Pass Subscriber, you can get a 1-Month Free Trial for a limited time.

Otherwise, your best bet is to either sign up for Disney+ for $7.99 a month, or the Disney Bundle for $13.99 a month.

When Will Season Two of Star Wars: The Bad Batch Be Released?

According to a tweet from producers last week, Season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch will be coming to Disney+ in 2022. Until then, fans will be able to binge all of the episodes from Season 1 as many times as they want.


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