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Peacock Streaming Service Could Pull All Content From Hulu in About Two Years, According to NBCU’s Burke

Jason Gurwin

In May, Comcast’s NBCU and Disney announced that they had reached a deal for Disney to take full operational control of Hulu.

As part of the deal, Disney will continue to license NBCU content for Hulu at least through 2022, but the content will no longer be exclusive. At launch, Peacock will have non-exclusive content that will live on both their service as well as Hulu.

However, during the Q&A of today’s Peacock Investor Day, retiring NBCU CEO Steve Burke said that as part of that deal, the company can take back all their content from Hulu “in about two years.” According to sources familiar with the matter, NBCU will be able to retain exclusive rights starting in late-2022.

Burke continued that they don’t know yet whether they would do that, with much of that decision coming from the success of the platform. But until then, for the most part, it is expected that Hulu customers will continue to get NBCU content as they do now, including next day access to in-season shows and library access to content like Law & Order: SVU.

NBCU announced that the streaming service will launch nationally on July 15 with a free tier and premium version starting at $4.99/month (or free for Comcast and Cox customers). An ad-free version will be available for $9.99 per month.

The company is projecting that Peacock will have 30-35 million subscribers by 2025, with an average of $6-7 in revenue per subscriber.

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