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REPORT: Cord Cutters Want A Singular Platform to Manage Multiple Subscriptions

Stephanie Sengwe

With an onslaught of streaming services about to hit the market, it turns out that while consumers are excited about the new content, a lot of them are having some difficulty managing their current subscriptions.

According to a survey conducted by Amdocs, one-third of respondents stated that remembering passwords to each of their subscriptions is problematic. The survey found that 39 percent of consumers would prefer to have one platform that bundles all their services and allows for “one-stop shopping for all popular media and entertainment OTT services and single sign-on across all platforms.”

Amdocs also found that while consumers are more than happy to pay top dollar for their services, in the future, it will be harder for services to get them to pay more. More than 27 percent of subscribers revealed they spend more than $100 per month on subscription services, but for established streamers such as Netflix and Amazon, getting customers to pay more will become difficult. Amdocs reported that 59 percent of consumers aren’t even looking to make changes to their current subscriptions.

The survey also found that advertising is bound to be another point of contention. Internationally, 61 percent of respondents were okay with getting targeted ads. In the U.S. however, Amdocs found that the most popular services are those like Netflix and Amazon or Hulu, which have limited or no advertisements at all. With consumers becoming more and more resistant towards ads, companies have to get creative in order to find ways to “increase monetization and support different business models.”