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Our Gang: The Roach/MGM silents (1927–1929) Online Streaming Guide

These silent Our Gang shorts were produced by Hal Roach Studios and distributed to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. All films are two reels (20 minutes) long, except Spook Spoofing, which is three reels (30 minutes) long.

  • Yale vs. Harvard

    24 september 1927

    The Gang turn to playing football, and face tough competition against the Gas House Garlics.

  • The Old Wallop

    21 oktober 1927

    Wheezer likes to hit people on the nose, and his folks encourage him to do so. Then the Gang wandering off climbing atop a construction site while the builders have gone to lunch.

  • Heebee Jeebees

    19 november 1927

    A hypnotist comes to town and puts the gang in animal-like trances. Now that the spell is off, the gang returns back to their usual roles. But then while at an afternoon tea social , the spell returned, ruining a perfectly good afternoon.

  • Dog Heaven

    16 december 1927

    Poor Pete the Pup. He wants to hang himself because his master, Joe, has given up playing with him and going fishing for the love of a girl. A dog friend of Pete’s stops him in the nick of time, and in flashback Pete tells him of his sorrows; Pete becomes a drunkard and is chased away by Joe. The last straw comes when another dog knocks Joe’s sweetheart into a lake and Pete is blamed for it. Will Pete carry through with his suicide or will Joe apologize?

  • Spook Spoofing

    14 januari 1928

    As a joke, several members of the gang convince Farina, who is “brave but superstitious”, that he’s caused the demise of a young acquaintance and must therefore lay the body (actually still very alive) to rest in the old burying ground, under the watchful eye of “the graveyard witch”. The joke backfires spectacularly on the pranksters.

  • Rainy Days

    12 februari 1928

    Jay and Wheezer are left alone on a rainy afternoon when Mom goes out to run errands. But when their friends drop by and trash the place, the boys must struggle to clean up before Mom returns.

  • Edison, Marconi & Co.

    9 mars 1928

    With Jay Edison as the inventor and Wheezer his assistant, the gang contrived an automobile of unusual construction; an automobile that will look like a submarine.

  • Barnum & Ringling, Inc.

    6 april 1928

    The kids decide to put on a circus at the local hotel. Seeing various pets and other domestic animals dressed up like circus animals was very cute—particularly the dachshund dressed as a seal! However, the animals all get loose and terrorize the hotel guests—including a drunk played by Oliver Hardy.

  • Fair and Muddy

    5 maj 1928

    Living in an orphanage, the gang has to deal with Amanda, a child-hating spinster. To receive a bequest from a rich uncle, she must acquire a child. Thinking suspicion, the gang causes all kinds of havoc toward her including a mud battle.

  • Crazy House

    2 juni 1928

    Crazy House is a 1928 Our Gang short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was the 76th Our Gang short that was released. It was the final appearance of Jackie Condon, who was with the gang since the pilot episode of Our Gang in 1922.

  • School Begins

    16 september 1928

    One of a handful of currently unavailable Hal Roach/MGM “Our Gang” silent films, School Begins was a series of gags built around the unenviable ritual of returning to school during the first week of September. School begins and some gang members are forging notes from their mother wanting out. Then too-young Wheezer parades by the school with escaped circus seals following him, causing a disturbance.

  • Growing Pains

    22 september 1928

    Mary Ann has a liking toward Wheezer. Her mother tells her that if she gives him cod liver oil, he can become a giant. A circus giant comes to board, learns the plan and substitutes for Wheezer.

  • The Ol' Gray Hoss

    19 oktober 1928

    This story revolves around an old man who feels alone in the world aside from the gang who keeps him company and his old horse. He runs a horse and buggy business, but he has new competition: an auto taxi. The gang helps him to maintain his job by sabotaging the other man’s.

  • The Spanking Age

    15 december 1928

    Mary Ann Jackson and Bobby “Wheezer” Hutchins are the children of a widowed inventor who are forced to endure the cruelties of their stepmother and stepsister. The kids get even by rigging a few clever contraptions of their own. In the end the father sells a patent worth millions. Before that, the Our Gang kids bring out out the old “alum” gag, along with several other tried-and-true comedy bits.

  • Fast Freight

    1 januari 1929

    Fast Freight is a 1929 Our Gang short silent comedy film. It was the 85th Our Gang short that was released. The gang takes a tramp’s train ride and end up taking shelter in a haunter house.

  • Election Day

    12 januari 1929

    This film revolves around Election Day, a day on which Jay R. and Joe are fighting to get votes. They warn the kids that they’ll be socked in the jaw if they don’t vote for them, but the kids are just trying to go about their business, namely Farina. His mother wants him to deliver laundry to her clients, but he can’t go anywhere without being harassed by the gang. To escape them, he dons several costumes including that as an older woman, a dancer, and a scarecrow.

  • Noisy Noises

    9 februari 1929

    Joe Cobb is suffering through a toothache as well as having to babysit his little brother Rupert who won’t stop crying. Every effort to calm Rupert is undone by an immediate commotion to wake him up. Joe rocks him to sleep, but then the neighbor starts playing his bass fiddle. Joe then rocks the cradle so hard it falls apart, and he trips and stumbles moving Rupert to the baby carriage, which subsequently rolls down hill through traffic with Rupert and a neighbor’s monkey enjoying the ride.

  • The Holy Terror

    9 mars 1929

    Our Gang film

  • Wiggle Your Ears

    5 april 1929

    This is a really strange, but thought provoking film. Here, beloved Mary literally lets Harry Spear kick her behind, spend her money on him, and forces her to push his kiddie car, all so that she could get the occasional joy of watching Harry “Wiggle His Ears.” Armchair Freudians and double-entendre fans will quickly get the “joke” here. He quickly dumps Mary for pintsized blonde bombshell Jean Darling. What happens? You’ll see.

  • Little Mother

    1 juni 1929

    Little Mother is a 1929 Our Gang short silent comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. Produced by Hal Roach and released to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Little Mother was the 87th Our Gang short to be released. A silent film, it followed Our Gang’s first sound film, Small Talk, on the release schedule.

  • Cat, Dog & Co.

    14 september 1929

    Farina, Joe, and friends use dogs to power their “roadsters,” but following a lesson from the head of the Be Kind to Animals Society, they make it their cause to rescue animals from bad treatment. Joe even manages to find patience for a nagging flea that persists in biting him. Meanwhile, Wheezer, who has been tormenting animals with his games, dreams that the animals have turned the tables on him.

  • Saturday's Lesson

    9 november 1929

    A man dressed as the devil scares the gang into minding their mothers.

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