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U.S. Appetite for Foreign Streaming Content Surges to New Highs

Jeff Kotuby

Many Americans are branching out of their U.S.-based content options in favor of shows and movies from across the pond.

According to a report by Parrot Analytics, U.S. share of demand for non-U.S. origin shows has grown since Q1 2018, hitting its highest marks during 2020, including 29.2 percent of demand in Q3 2020.

But according to the Parrot report, all COVID did was accelerate an already emerging trend. “U.S. audiences have demanded a greater share of foreign content than ever before in 2020,” the report said. “As with many changes we have seen this year, COVID merely strengthened a trend that was already in place. 2019 was actually the year where this shift in viewing behavior took off.”

Countries like the U.K., Japan, Canada, Korea, and India lead the way, no doubt driven by certain content genres. While many enjoy Britain’s scripted dramas and historical series, others love Japanese anime, Korea’s addictive K-dramas, or India’s Bollywood films. In fact, India-based content saw the largest growth in U.S. demand since 2018.

While content houses like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video do a great job of providing these content offerings, there are a number of niche services that do a better job of providing international content.

If you’d like to sample a streaming service with an international focus, we have a list of some popular options.

International Content Streaming Services

  • Acorn TV (British TV shows) - US$5.99 / month
  • BritBox (British TV shows) - US$6.99 / month
  • Eros Now (Bollywood entertainment) - $4.99 / month
  • Spuul (Bollywood entertainment) - $4.99 / month
  • MHz Choice (mostly European entertainment) - $7.99 / month
  • Pantaya (Spanish entertainment) - $5.99 / month
  • Flix Latino (Spanish entertainment) - $2.99 / month
  • KOCOWA (Korean entertainment) - $6.99 / month
  • On Demand Korea (Korean entertainment) - $6.99 / month
  • Viki (Asian entertainment) - $4.99 / month
  • Hi-YAH! (martial arts films) - $3.99 / month
  • TOKU (tokusatsu, martial arts, Chinese drama) - $3.99 / month
  • Crunchyroll - (Japanese anime) - multiple plans
  • Funimation (Japanese anime) - $7.99 / month

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