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Bloomberg’s QuickTake Targets Younger Business Pros, OTT Predicted To Upend Traditional TV

Fern Siegel

Bloomberg Media is adding its voice to the streaming world. QuickTake, its video service founded in 2017 in partnership with Twitter, is getting a makeover.

QuickTake will be relaunched Nov. 9 as a 24-hour streamer.

Jean Ellen Cowgill, global head of digital strategy and business development, Bloomberg Media and GM of QuickTake, spoke of the new OTT channel at TVN’s OTT News Summit yesterday.

She forecasts the pandemic, which has more viewers watching streaming networks, may have a long-term adverse effect on traditional TV news, similar to how the economic collapse in 2008 severely impacted print journalism.

And unlike Bloomberg’s usual user, Cowgill sees QuickTake’s viewers as younger business professionals.

“We see this as an audience that’s much broader than who you might historically think of as the kind of core Bloomberg audience of financial market professionals,” Cowgill said. “What we’ve heard from these individuals in our audience research is that they don’t really have a video network that is helping them to navigate the realities of the world today.”

A big advantage for QuickTake is the Bloomberg muscle. Its clips aired on Bloomberg TV and social media. Plus, the company’s resources allow the platform to create in-depth, high-quality segments. Quick Take has 50 million monthly viewers, per Bloomberg, a built-in bonus for its next incarnation.

Cowgill is negotiating with various vMVPDs, such as Hulu Live TV $], Sling TV and YouTube TV, to add QuickTake, so it is accessible “across the entirety of the OTT ecosystem. This is a moment when everyone is kind of up for grabs,” she said.

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