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Hulu Live TV Adds Entertainment & Spanish Add-Ons

Hulu Live TV announced today that they are adding two new add-ons: Entertainment ($8) and Español ($5).

The Entertainment Add-on will include Lifetime Movie Network, FYI, DIY Network, Cooking Channel and CNBC World for $7.99/month.

It’s not all good news for subscribers though, two of those channels, FYI & Lifetime Movie Network, were previously part of their base $40 a month plan. After a free month of the Entertainment Add-On, you will need to upgrade to keep those channels.

The company also announced that Discovery Family, Science, and Destination America will be part of the Entertainment Add-on when they add Discovery Networks later this year.

AT&T TV fuboTV Hulu Philo Sling TV YouTube
Sign Up Free Trial Free Trial Free Trial Sign Up Sign Up
US$69.99 US$64.99 US$64.99 US$20 US$35 US$35 US$64.99
Lifetime Movie Network ≥ US$94.99 - ^ US$6 ^ US$6 -
FYI ≥ US$94.99 ^ US$6 ^ US$6 -
DIY ≥ US$94.99 ^ US$8 ^ US$8 ^ US$6 ^ US$6 -
Cooking Channel ≥ US$84.99 ^ US$8 ^ US$8 ^ US$6 ^ US$6 -
CNBC World ≥ US$84.99 ^ US$8 - - -
Discovery Family ≥ US$94.99 ^ US$8 ^ US$8 - - -
Science ≥ US$84.99 ^ US$8 ^ US$8 ^ US$6 ^ US$6 -
Destination America ≥ US$94.99 ^ US$8 ^ US$8 ^ US$6 ^ US$6 -

The new Entertainment Add-on is the cheapest option to add all 8 channels to your plan. However, you could most of them for $20 by subscribing to Philo’s 55-channel Plus Plan.

The company also announced an Espanol Add-On with ESPN Deportes, NBC Universo, CNN En Español and History Channel En Español for $4.99/month. Discovery en Español, Discovery Familia will be added to the package by the end of the year.

While it’s never good news to lose channels from your existing plan, this does give Hulu the flexibility to maintain the price of their base package while offering additional channels.

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