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New Disney Plus Update Adds Visual Episode Tracking Indicator

Stephanie Sengwe

A new Disney+ app update is making binge-watching a little bit easier for streamers. With the new update, the service now has a visual episode tracking indicator, making it easier for you to see exactly where you left off in a series. The visual episode tracking indicator also allows you to see whether or not you already finished an episode.

According to What’s on Disney Plus, the update has begun rolling out on Apple devices.

While the feature has been a staple on streaming services such a Netflix, Disney+ has had to rollout some of its features slowly. Back in November, high demand of the streaming service forced the company to disable features such as “Resume,” “Restart” and “Continue Watching.” They were all reinstated in late November once the hype had died down some.

In April, the company also launched a “Log out of all devices” feature, which allows the account holder to sign out of all devices in an effort to fight against hackers. The feature comes in handy should you see an unrecognized device gain access to your account.