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Smart TV Use Rises in U.S., 57% of Households Use Roku or Amazon Fire TV

Aubrey Meister

With more and more people cutting the cord, it’s no surprise that smart TVs and streaming devices are growing in popularity. Hub Entertainment Research’s annual “Connected Home” report demonstrates the trend.

By the end of March, 70% of United States households had smart TVs. Of all the TVs in the country, 52% are now smart TVs, compared to just 45% the same time last year.

Households with children or with adults under 35 are more likely to buy smart TVs than households with older people.

Roku or Amazon Fire TV-powered devices are taking the lead. Just one year ago, 51% of homes in the United States had Roku or Amazon Fire TV streaming devices or smart TV sets. Now, that number has grown to 57%. There is some overlap with households using both Roku and Amazon Fire TV.

In the first quarter of 2020, just 74% of U.S. TV homes streamed video. That percentage has since grown to 77% over the same span 2021.

David Tice, senior consultant to Hub and the study’s co-author says, “The wider adoption of smart TVs and replacement of non-smart TVs turns up the pressure on connected devices like streaming boxes, streaming sticks, and video game consoles. of the study. This ‘eliminating of the middleman’ will have a direct impact on how future revenue is split on advanced TV businesses like streaming, interactive shopping, and addressable advertising.”

Based on the new data, it looks like the usage of streaming devices like Roku and Amazon Fire TV will only continue to grow. The popularity of streaming services may help to promote the smart TV market as consumers need to replace their TVs because smart TVs can make streaming more convenient. Currently, VIZIO, Samsung, LG, and other companies offer smart TVs.

For more information see The Streamable’s Guide to Cord Cutting Devices.

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