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SNEAK PEAK: This is a First Detailed Look of the Disney+ iPhone App

Home Screen, App Tiles, Movie Detail Page, Watch List, Offline Mode, User Profiles, Avatars, & Kids Mode

Jason Gurwin

Yesterday, Disney launched a surprise early preview of Disney+ in the Netherlands. This the first time we’ve had the chance to get a detailed look at the iOS App coming to iPhone and iPod Touch — after sharing previews of the App on Android, Apple TV, Xbox, and iPad.

The app will be officially released on November 12th for $6.99 a month, it will it will include 4K streaming, four simultaneous streamers, unlimited downloads on up to 10 devices, and up to 7 profiles with hundreds of avatars.

When you first open the Disney+ iPhone app, there is a carousel of featured content at the top like Frozen. Below that, there are tiles for each of the Disney properties. When you tap on one of those tiles, you’ll go to an exclusive-designed experience for that content (such as Pixar and Marvel).

App Tiles & Individual Sections

Within each section, you can see featured shows, movies, and personalized recommendations that are based on your watch history.

Show & Movie Page

Tapping on a show or movie brings you to see more details about that item, such as Aladdin. Currently, they don’t have auto-playing trailers like Netflix. You can add the movie to your Watch List, Download the Film, or Start/Resume playing.

Similar to purchasing digital versions of movies, you will be access “Extras” content.

User Profiles & Avatars

Every account will lets you create up to 7 Profiles for everyone in your household. Everyone can choose their favorite avatar, such as Disney characters like Elsa from Frozen or Darth Vader from Star Wars.

When searching for your favorite movie or show, you’ll see a gallery of posters as you type. You can search by title, genre, or character.


You can also browse movies and series — either by genre like Comedy or an alphabetical list of all shows or films. They’ve even curated lists of movies like ones on Disney Princesses. When it officially launches, there will be a section for all the Disney+ original content.

Offline Mode

When you’re not connected to the internet (such as on a plane or subway), you can access unlimited downloads of Disney+ shows and movies for up to 10 mobile devices/tablets.


While you’re browsing the app, you can add shows or movies to your Watch List. Each profile will have a unique Watch List, so you don’t need to get movies mixed up with the rest of the family.

Kids Mode

On the profiles, you can set an account to be in “Kids Mode”, which will give a unique experience just for children. It will feature kids-focused content for your family.

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