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‘The Orville’ Moves Season 3 to Hulu, Gets More Creative Freedom

Fern Siegel

Seth MacFarlane (“Family Guy,” American Dad”) is a master of the satiric sitcom. His sci-fi comedy series “The Orville,” which debuted in 2017, is heading into its 11-episode third season. It’s also moving from Fox to Hulu.

The pandemic means the season may shift its debut from late 2020 to next year, but for its creators, the time may prove a boon to creativity.

Executive producer-writer David Goodman discussed the advantages of switching networks with TrekMovie.

“What being on Hulu does is allows more freedom. The way Seth runs the show, we take the idea where it takes us. We talk about the episode we want and show we want to do and we write it, and then we produce it. And what Hulu allows us is, once it is produced, we don’t have to be as worried about length.”

While Goodman says lengths could vary, it’s been confirmed that season three will enjoy longer run times, coming in at 60 minutes plus each.

In fact, Goodman promises: “This season is a barn burner. Our biggest episode last year, “Identity, Part 2,” would be considered one of the smaller episodes of season three. We’re going all the way.”

“Orville” directorial duties are divided between creator MacFarlane and executive producer Jon Cassar.

In January, MacFarlane and his Fuzzy Door Productions signed a $200 million, five-year deal with NBCU Content Studios. He will create content for its cable channels and upcoming streamer Peacock, which launches in April.