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Amazon Brings 5 New Alexa Features to Fire TV Cube

Amazon announced today that they’ve rolled out five new features to the Amazon Fire TV Cube including follow-up mode, announcements, and multi-room music.

This comes as they dropped the price of the device to only $69.99 (normally $119.99) for the holidays.

The device which comes a Fire TV streaming device with an Amazon Echo — also now comes with the new Alexa Voice Remote which lets you control power and volume from the remote.

Follow-Up Mode

Alexa can now listen to additional commands following an initial request. For instance, if you ask “Alexa, search for comedies”, you can ask it to “show more” or “play #3.”


Just like other Echo devices, the Fire TV Cube can now be used as an intercom. When you say “Alexa, announce dinner is ready” an announcement will be sent across all of your Echo devices.

You can also receive announcements from Smart Home devices, which you can then use to view your camera feed on your Fire TV Cube.

Multi-Room Music

Fire TV Cube can now be added to your multi-room music group. Now if you ask “Alexa, play holiday music everywhere” — it will play across all your Echo devices including the Fire TV Cube.

Better Volume Control

You can now say more than just “Alexa, turn it up/down.” Instead, you can now specify a level like “Alexa, volume up by 9.”

Control In-App By Voice

For example, if you have PlayStation Vue — you can say “Alexa, go to ESPN” — and it will switch the channel in-app. You can also navigate in-app like “Alexa, go right.”

They now support 30 streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Discovery Go, and Showtime where you can search or navigate in-app hands free.