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AT&T Considering Sale of Hulu Stake to Disney

As part of Disney’s acquisition of Fox, they acquired 30% of Hulu — giving the media giant a 60% ownership of the streaming service.

Now, AT&T is looking to sell their 10% stake in Hulu to Disney.

The 10% stake, worth nearly $1B, would help AT&T reduce their debt as they offload nonessential assets. As AT&T-owned WarnerMedia is expected to launch their own streaming service late next year, owning a minority share in Hulu makes less strategic sense.

Comcast, which owns the other 30% of Hulu, has expressed interest in keeping their share, but that may change if Disney increases their ownership share.

While Disney will be launching Disney+, their Netflix-competitor focused on family entertainment late next year — they plan to use Hulu as a distribution channel for their non-family friendly entertainment content.