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FOX Nation, FOX Weather Coming to DIRECTV STREAM

Lauren Forristal

FOX News Media announced today that it will expand the distribution of its streaming services across DirecTV platforms. As of yesterday, the subscription streaming service Fox Nation is currently available on DirecTV as a premium add-on, and the company has plans to expand availability to DIRECTV STREAM this summer. Additionally, FOX Weather, the free ad-supported streaming TV weather service, is scheduled to debut on DIRECTV STREAM beginning March 29.

Beginning Sunday, March 20, DirecTV customers can add FOX Nation for $5.99 per month. There is also a special limited-time offer that includes a 60-day free trial.

FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott said, “We are proud to work with DirecTV, expanding the distribution of our signature streaming services, FOX Nation and FOX Weather, and offering more opportunities for our dedicated viewers to watch our premier content.”

“We want to empower our customers with more capabilities in how they choose to watch the content they care about most. We’re pleased to expand our relationship with FOX News and add value for our subscribers by offering FOX Nation and FOX Weather,” said Rob Thun, Chief Content Officer DIRECTV.

Since DirecTV has unveiled plans to drop conservative outlet One America News Network, the addition of Fox Nation will allow the satellite distributor to still offer viewers right-leaning content.

Fox Nation acts as a companion service to [Fox News Channel] and features nearly 5,000 hours of original content. Programming includes original series “Tucker Carlson Today,” Tucker Carlson Originals, “COPS,” “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace,” and “What Made America Great with Brian Kilmeade.” There is also acquired content such as the upcoming “Yellowstone: One-Fifty” hosted by Kevin Costner, “Grateful Nation,” “Keep the Faith,” “Clint Eastwood: American Outlaw,” “FOX Justice,” and “All American Christmas.”

Additionally, subscribers will have access to FOX News Channel’s (FNC) popular primetime shows on-demand the next day with FOX Nation’s “FOX News Primetime All the Time,” as well as signature opinion programming such as “The Dan Bongino Show.” Located on DirecTV channel 1960 and designated “FOX NTN,” DirecTV subscribers can search for FOX Nation using their onscreen programming guide.

Additionally, FOX Weather launched in October 2021 and builds upon FNC’s and FOX Television Stations’ newsgathering resources with a team of over 120 meteorologists. The service offers viewers an innovative approach to forecasting, including coverage surrounding all weather patterns, from immediate to long-term. Available through DIRECTV STREAM’s Entertainment Package, users will be able to access FOX Weather through the DIRECTV STREAM content guide beginning next Tuesday, March 29.

Fox Nation

Fox Nation is an entertainment streaming service created by FOX News and gives subscribers access to full, commercial-free episodes from well-known right-wing personalities like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham, as well as crime series starring Nancy Grace and Mark Fuhrman, plus lots more content ranging from lifestyle, history, religion, and more.

While the “Monthly” subscription doesn’t include a free trial, the first month only costs $0.99. After that, it’s $5.99 per month. Meanwhile, the “Patriot” tier is $64.99 per year and the “Silver Patriot” plan lasts for 2 years and costs $99.00. Also, Fox Nation offers an entire year of free content to U.S. military, veterans, and active first responders.

FOX Weather

FOX Weather is a 24/7 live weather service that offers coverage around the country. It includes forecasts, radar imagery, weather-related news, and live cameras at sites around the United States. The service is free and ad-supported. You can view the livestream at the top of the Watch tab in the FOX Weather mobile app.