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Peacock Just Launched, but They’re Already Losing Jurassic Park, The Matrix, & Fast & The Furious This Month

Jason Gurwin

If you signed up for Peacock hoping to stream “Jurassic Park,” “The Matrix,” “Fast & The Furious,” or “Evan Almighty,” starting bingeing now. Although it just launched today, on July 15, Peacock will be losing many big names by the end of July (with some leaving as early as tomorrow).

Leaving tomorrow (7/16), will be the Steve Carrell movie, “Evan Almighty,” as well as the first movie in the “Fast & the Furious” franchise. Unless things change course, by August 1, the service will also be without “Shrek,” and all three “Jurassic Park” (heading to Netflix) and “The Matrix: films. Also leaving will be “The Mummy” and “The Mummy Returns,” as well as “The Blair Witch Project.”

This is not completely unexpected, giving legacy deals for the various films, but it is quite jarring given that three of the five featured movies in the app, will be on the app for less than 15 days. We’ve heard that the company expects a steady rotation of content in and out of the service.

HBO Max faced a similar dilemma at their launch, which would see most D.C. Movies leave the service just six weeks after launch. However, they reversed course and extended the run through the end of the year.

The service is however, still flush with content. It has a slate of about 20,000 hours of original, classic and current on-demand programming. Among the releases at launch will be nine original titles – including content for adults, teens and kids – as well as library shows, including hits “30 Rock,” “Parks and Recreation” and the “Law & Order” franchise.

There is a free tier, with ~13,000 hours of content, and a Premium tier for $4.99 a month. Those with Xfinity or Cox, will receive a $5 discount on any monthly subscription they wish to acquire, meaning the ad-supported tier of Peacock Premium, which costs $5 a month, is free for those users. Peacock Premium without ads costs $10 a month.

Titles Leaving Peacock This Month

  • Evan Almighty (7/16)
  • Fast & Furious (7/16)
  • Dead Silence (7/27)
  • In Good Company (7/27)
  • The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything Wrong (7/29)
  • The Story of Us (7/29)
  • All That Heaven Allows (7/31)
  • Creature From the Black Lagoon (7/31)
  • Frailty (7/31)
  • Idlewild (7/31)
  • Joe (7/31)
  • The Blair Witch Project (8/1)
  • Blair Witch 2 (8/1)
  • Blood Ties (8/1)
  • Cesar Chavez (8/1)
  • Children of Men (8/1)
  • Drive Angry (8/1)
  • Jonah Hex (8/1)
  • Jurassic Park (8/1)
  • Jurassic Park: The Lost World (8/1)
  • Jurassic Park III (8/1)
  • Parenthood (8/1)
  • Shrek (8/1)
  • Spawn (8/1)
  • The Matrix (8/1)
  • The Matrix Reloaded (8/1)
  • The Matrix Revolutions (8/1)
  • The Mummy (8/1)
  • The Mummy Returns (8/1)

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