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Prime Video Announces Clip-Sharing Feature

Prime Video announced today a “first of its kind” clip-sharing feature. In an effort to boost interactivity and engagement, users will now be able to press a “share a clip” button which will automate a 30-second clip around the video the user is watching. Amazon says that users will be able to move the clip forward or backward to fit their specific needs and preview before they share it with their friends or family.

The feature is currently available for streamers in the US on iOS while watching “The Boys” (season 1), “The Wilds,” “Fairfax,” and “Invincible.”

Amazon isn’t the only company to unveil a clip feature this week. Netflix is launching an iOS feature for children to potentially compete with TikTok and YouTube Kids. Netflix is calling this new option “Kids Clips.” This week, the company will be rolling out the feature for iOS users in several countries including the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Latin America, and Australia.

Social media caters to the short attention spans of younger generations looking for the next trend. Netflix aims to use Kids Clips as a way to promote its content by using short snippets and clips. As family content grows to critical importance in the streaming wars, Netflix likely hopes that Kids Clips will attract and retain young viewers. It uses a similar interface to TikTok and Instagram Reels, but instead of portrait-view, it’s designed to view in landscape.

Kids Clips will restrict streaming time for children and comes with an option to watch 10 or 20 clips at a time. There will be a selection of content from Netflix’s current library that they tailor for children, pulling from such hits as “Henry Danger,” “The Thundermans,” and “Cocomelon.”

TikTok is a huge competitor for Netflix and Prime Video grabbing precious attention and viewership with shorter content and endless, free accounts. Prime’s clip feature is the newest rollout of their “X-Ray technology” which Prime primarily uses to show viewers cast, music, and fun fact information while they are watching.

While not directly competing with Tik Tok, Prime’s clip feature is likely a measure meant to enhance the engagement and network effects of Amazon’s platform. It will be interesting to see between Netflix and Prime Video which feature strategy proves the most beneficial: to target family-friendly content or adult engagement.

Amazon Prime Video

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